“I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.” Mikhail Baryshnikov

Dance at Plume School is taught within a Performing Arts context and encourages students to be physically active and creative within lessons. Students are encouraged to develop their interpersonal skills; verbal and non-verbal communication; problem solving skills as well as their practical dance ability. Students work on three main areas in Dance:

  • Performance: their physical and expressive skills
  • Choreography: their ability to create movement in response to a specific theme, issue, topic or style
  • Appreciation: their ability to discuss, write and talk about Dance

At Fambridge Road Campus students can opt to take Dance in Year 9 as part of their KS3 curriculum. The work develops on what was studied in Year 7 and 8, but students are encouraged to develop full length dances based on more challenging dance ideas, as well as using more complex movement, particularly in the use of contact work and lifts. Students can then continue their studies in Dance by opting to take GCSE Dance or BTEC Level 2 in Performing Arts in Year 10.