"Learn by practice." Martha Graham

In Year 9 you will have one Dance lesson per week. You will study a different unit of work each half term. Over a half term you will be assessed at the mid-point of the unit and again at the end of the unit.

You will be asked to record your progress and targets into a book which you will write in most lessons. Your teacher will also write comments on your progress into your book.

The units that you study in Year 9 are:

Unit 1 - Office Flash Mob from Step Up 4

Unit 2 - War

Unit 3 - The Car Man

Unit 4 - Gothic Horror

Unit 5 - Enter Achilles and Stereotypes

Unit 6 - Dance Department Challenge.


Students can then continue their studies in Dance by opting to take GCSE Dance

In GCSE Dance your lesson will be broken up into the following areas:

* Performance x 1 hour per week (Unit 2 and 3)

* Choreography x1 hour per week (Unit 4a and 4b)

* Appreciation x 1 hour every two weeks (Unit 1)

In Year 10 you will be expected to attend one additional Dance session per week. Usually Step into Dance or Dance Technique. You will also perform Dances in our three annual Showcases that take place in:

* November

* March

* May

 In Year 11 you will be expected to attend one additional controlled assessment session each week from 3.15-4.45. The day of the week will be organised by your teacher in the summer term of Yr 10 in preperation for Yr11. You will also be asked to attend to intensive workshop days on a Saturday 9-4pm. The sessions take place in December and January. You will be notified of the dates of these sessions in September of Year 11.

Your final practical examination will take place in early March of Yr 11 with an internal assessment taking place in the February.

You will be asked to perform your final work for Unit 4b at the Dance showcase in March.

Overview of GCSE Dance

Unit 1: Critical Appreciation of Dance

Written Paper – 1 hour 50 marks – 20%

Unit 2: Set Dance Practical Examination Solo Performance – 1–1½ minutes 30 marks – 20%

Unit 3: Performance in a duo/group dance 3 – 3½ minutes Controlled Assessment 30 marks – 20%

Unit 4: Choreography Task A: Solo Composition 1–1½ minutes 20 marks – 15%

Task B: Choreography – solo/duo/group (Solo – 1½ – 2 minutes; duo/group – 2½ – 3 minutes) 40 marks – 25%

Unit 4 total: 60 marks – 40%