Cashless Catering

What are the benefits to the academy, parents and students?

  • Enables parents to pay for their child's academy meals online and top up the account at any time

  • avoids parents searching for cash to send to the academy - avoids the need for students to carry cash (no lost money, no spending of dinner money on the way to the academy, no security issue)

  • de-stigmatises free academy meals by providing anonymity for students

  • reduces the queuing time for students at the canteen tills.

  • avoids the need to count cash in offices and reduces security and safety risks provides the opportunity for healthy eating award points to promote a healthy diet


How does the cashless system work?

Each student is issued with a personalised smart-card which used to purchase food from the canteen at break and lunchtime.

The academy and college use a cashless catering system. Each student is issued with a personalised smart-card, free of charge, to purchase food from the canteen at break and lunchtime.  Parents are able to credit their child's account in one of three ways: a) via ParentPay®, a convenient online method using a credit or debit card b) via PayPoint™ , at local convenience stores, or c) by cheque to the academy.  For students who are entitled to free academy meals, their daily meal allowance is automatically added to their catering account card. Parents of those students who wish to add to this amount can also top up the account by using any of these methods.  The smart cards for our new students and details of how parents can top-up their child’s account will be issued in time for the accounts to be ready for their first day at the academy.


Online with ParentPay

ParentPay offers parents the freedom to top-up their child's account at any time quickly and easily with a debit or credit card. All parents are issued with a secure online account which is accessed with a unique user ID and password. An electronic record of the payments can be viewed online at any time.  PayPoint™ at Local Convenience Stores For parents who prefer to continue using cash they can top up their child's account in local PayPoint stores. Those parents choosing the PayPoint method will receive a PayPoint payment card. Payments made by this method can also be viewed online by logging onto ParentPay.

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