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College Leadership Team

Henry Lawes - Head Boy

Hi, my name is Henry Lawes and I am the newly elected Head Boy.  I am currently studying Fine Art, English Literature, Law and the Extended Project Qualification on the subject matter of architecture.  I have wanted for a very long time to study and undertake architecture as a career path and will hopefully attain this through going to university, Cambridge and Norwich are my current top two contenders.



My promise as Head Boy is to become the embodiment of trust, someone who can be spoken to with regards to thoughts and new ideas.  To ultimately be a figure who will never settle for one achievement, instead strive beyond it further and with more drive and determination than the last. If failure does manifest, I believe that it is in rising above this setback that enables you to go on conquering and being more successful in the future.


My vision consists of raising a greater awareness for those who are young and suffering from mental health issues. It is something I have seen many friends and peers struggle in silence, despite so much help being within their reach.  It is hard to remember that there are people by your side wanting you to get better. If it wasn’t for Plume I would not know these things, and I want to make sure that every student after me knows it too. One in four students suffer from a form of mental infringement. As Head Boy, it will be imperative for me to diffuse a disease that touches us all.

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Caitlin Rice-Lines - Head Girl

My name is Caitlin Rice-Lines and I am the Head Girl for the academic year 2020/21. I am studying A-Levels in French, Sociology and Business Studies. I am aspiring to go on to studying a degree in International Business Management with French, and through this I hope to have an international career in business as I would love to travel to see the wider world.      


I have been a student at the academy since Year 7 and I wouldn’t have had it any other way, as the academy has provided me with multiple opportunities; including volunteering with Open Evenings, being part of the Gifted and Talented Scheme and achieving my Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards. These have allowed me

to get the most out of my educational experience. Through these activities I have been able to become a more confident and independent individual.    


Whilst being Head Girl, I hope to increase the academy’s already established community engagement by introducing ways for the students to become more involved within the local community and charities. Personally, through being involved with a few local charities, I have been able to broaden my understanding on how to become a more active member of my community. Along with this, I aim to implement an email system whereby students will be able to contact the Executive Student Leadership Team regarding academy matters so that we can ensure students feel confident and comfortable while being at Plume.                 


Overall, I am proud to hold such an esteemed role in which I will have the opportunity to represent the academy and have a worthwhile impact. I want to assure you that the Executive Leadership Team will work to the best of their abilities whilst striving to improve the academy for all students.

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George Atkins - Deputy Head Boy

My name is George Atkins and I am one of the Deputy Head Boys for the academy. I study Chemistry, Physics and Product Design.  After A-levels I would like to become a police officer for Essex Police. I am always happy to give advice on choices for GCSE options or A-level options to younger students in the academy.


During my time at Plume as a Deputy Head Boy, I would like to make some pledges. The first of these is to set up an email system to which students can directly email the Leadership Team with any worries/ concerns/things they would like to change/seek advice.


The second thing I would like to implement is to get the student body more involved with the Student Council. I believe this system is the best means for students to make changes in the academy and a resource that is not used as much as it should. 


The last thing I would like to promote is communication about mental health for younger years in the academy. I will likely do this through assemblies to the year groups when the current situation changes.

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Elliott Holt - Deputy Head Boy

My name is Elliott Holt and I am one of the Deputy Head Boys. I am currently studying A Level Physics, Biology and Spanish, all of which I study with great interest.


I have been a student of the Plume since Year 7 and have enjoyed the process leading up to my current Year 13. The academy does a great deal to make you feel welcome and guide you through the process of education and this has allowed me to advance as far as I have.


I have three main pledges I wish to administer to the academy during my time as Deputy Head Boy:


  1. I hope to further the link between Mill Road and Fambridge Road Campuses, to improve the transition between them and to make students at both campuses aware of each other and assist the younger years. This will then allow for more clubs between sites and a better overall unity for the academy.

  2. I plan to start a podcast dedicated to the external affairs of the academy and wider world issues which are not necessarily talked about within curriculum courses.  The reason for this is to prompt debate amongst students and develop an early understanding of sensitive topics whilst also giving information that isn’t necessarily well known to our students’ parents and carers.

  3. I aim to improve recycling around the academy as a whole.   It is currently in a really good condition but I wish to further this by providing valid information as to the reasons for recycling and to adjust it in the hope that people will recycle automatically.


In my spare time, I have previously been an artistic roller-skater and have since moved to dance, first studying jazz, ballet and tap which has now lead me to street dance.  I have performed at Disneyland Paris as well as the Chelmsford Christmas Lights switch on, Juste Debout, MoveIt and the Royal Albert Hall.  With this background I have had the opportunity to take on leadership roles and develop decision making skills which has made me who I am today.  I use these skills for my current role and intend to make Plume even better than it already is.

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Mia Smith - Deputy Head Girl

My name is Mia Smith and I am one of this year’s Deputy Head Girls.  I am currently studying Maths, Business Studies and History at A Level.  I am aspiring to go to Leeds Arts University and study Branding and Communication. I chose this pathway because of the doors that were open to me at Plume Academy.  My love of fashion comes from my personal life and my love for business from what I have experienced here.  Business Studies was a completely new subject for me for Year 12 and I was contemplating whether to take it as I did not take it at GCSE, but I’m so glad I did. I am so glad I followed my heart and not necessarily my grades as I went into A level Business.

During my time as Deputy Head Girl, I aim to take a role in raising awareness of mental health, following the legacy of my predecessor who did a particularly brilliant job last year.  This year, like last year, I am taking part in the mentoring scheme which will help students to gain as much as they can out of their time at Plume Academy just as I have. I aim to work with the Leadership Team and the students to ensure they feel they have someone to rely on as they go through their school life and have their views heard on academy systems. I will be travelling to Mill Road Campus regularly to meet students to ensure we keep a close connection between the two campuses.


I cannot wait to further represent the academy as part of the very important College Executive Leadership Team.

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Furthermore, I intend on developing the knowledge of our students on this topic through a number of assemblies and being present through tutorial time. There is a lot of potential to a short amount of time in a student’s week and I want to maximise it to ensure they are learning something new.  This is what will build them into knowledgeable, well-rounded individuals. I want to do everything I can with all the power this role provides to give our College students a year of personal development and growth. Alongside assemblies and tutorials, I believe social events are a great way for students to meet new people and network and I envision organising a multitude of events to do just that, whilst raising money for the excellent academy nominated charities.


This prestigious role is one that I hope to use to better the time and education of our students whilst at the academy. On behalf of the Executive Leadership Team, we very much look forward to working with each and every student for what we hope will be a promising new academic year.