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Expressive Arts

Our Vision for Expressive Arts

It is our vision for students to have the opportunity to explore their true creative potential, to explore their own individual talents and have the opportunity to express themselves in their own particular way.

Students have the opportunity to specialise in Year 9 by the use of mini options.  In Key Stage 4 and 5 there are a variety of GCE as well as BTEC courses on offer, all tailored to meet the individual needs of our pupils.


A wide and varied extra-curricular programme is available in order for students to continue to develop their skills and talents.  These range from performing alongside working professionals, collaboration with other schools as well as taking part in international tours.


Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development of Students

In the Expressive Arts Faculty, we develop students Socially by:

  • Developing personal qualities and using social skills

  • Participating, co-operating and resolving conflicts

  • Understanding how communities and societies function


We develop students Morally by:

  • Developing and expressing personal views or values.

  • Investigating moral values and ethical issues.

  • Moral codes and models of moral virtue.

  • Recognising right and wrong and applying it.

  • Understanding the consequences of actions.


We develop students Spiritually by:

  • Developing personal values and beliefs

  • Experiencing fascination, awe and wonder

  • Exploring the values and beliefs of others

  • Understanding human feelings and emotions

  • Using imagination and creativity in learning


We develop students Culturally by:

  • Exploring, understanding and respecting diversity

  • Participating and responding to cultural activities

  • Understanding and appreciating cultural influences


How do we adapt our curriculum for students with SEND?

We view all students as individuals and ensure that all lessons and resources are differentiated to cater for every student’s needs.  We ensure that resources are accessible for all students regardless of their initial starting point.

GCSE Art and Design

What will this course enable me to do?

The course is about being an independent learner, mastering technical and aesthetic skills and above all, giving students massive confidence to explore personal ideas and contexts. We expect students to engage, understand and explore a wide range of artists and cultures, to look at and think about social issues in today’s ever changing world. Students will not only be able to solve problems, but also develop self-set briefs in a practical context and be even more creative.


What will the course contain?

It will begin with a foundation module that includes the basic skills of Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Digital Photography and Alternative media. Students will then explore more independent modules that will cover a broad range of personal themes and explore the visual formal elements of colour, line, form, tone and texture.

All projects will contribute towards the final coursework grade. Students will also be asked to complete an independent sketchbook which will inform them of ideas and starting points throughout the course. The sketchbook, A4 spiral, will begin at the end of Year 9 and be a combination of set activities and personal investigations. Students will also be expected to study artists and link them to their work.


How will I be assessed?

This course will be 60% coursework and 40% examination. The work will be assessed throughout the two years with personalised targets to make improvements. The grades will be split into four sections:


1. AO1 Developing ideas with critical understanding 25%

2. AO2 Refining and experimenting with media and techniques 25%

3. AO3 Recording ideas and Observations 25%

4. A04 Present and personal Response. 25%


Qualities I will need to be successful on this course?

We are looking for students that have a real interest in art and design. Who have engaged with the Year 9 art projects and enjoy the subject so much that they often do art in their spare time. You need to be creative, be willing to explore new ideas and techniques, work well in a practical environment and above all, learn to be independent.

You will be highly successful if you listen to advice, read and respond to feedback of the teachers and make 100% effort in every lesson. It also helps if you can work more independently and are willing to join us, at times, at lunch and after school in the many clubs we offer. We are looking for positive and creative people. You do not have to be very good at drawing or painting, but be willing to explore and try hard. If this sounds good, and you enjoy art, come and join us.

BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Performing Arts (Dance focus)

This course will run as a specialist Dance programme.


What will this course enable me to do?

This course will develop your practical Dance skills as a performer and choreographer as well as developing your knowledge of the performing arts industry. You will also develop a whole host of other transferable skills that will support you in your other studies or future employment including leadership skills, communication kills, discipline, commitment, time management, problem solving and creativity.

Please note: you will be required to attend an additional extra-curricular session each week as part of this programme; this session is usually on Wednesdays 3.30pm – 5.00pm. You will also be required to perform in three showcases in Year 10 and three showcases in Year 11.


What will the course contain?

Students will complete a series of core, mandatory and specialist units (GLH = guided learning hours)


Year 10

Year 11

Qualities I will need to be successful on this course?

* Previous dance experience

* Excellent attendance

* Good organisation skills

* Enthusiasm

GCSE Drama (AQA)

What will this course enable me to do?

The course will develop your ability to speak, listen and work successfully as part of a team. You will develop both your confidence and your ability to communicate effectively within your practical and written work. You will learn how to stage successful performances that demonstrates an interesting interpretation of a text or a theme. There is a real opportunity to extend your Drama learning, looking at a range of theatre practitioners and styles.

At Plume, we not only develop performance skills but skills that will be incredibly useful for the wider world of work such as confidence, resilience and communication.


What will the course contain?

The subject content details the knowledge, understanding and skills that students are expected to develop throughout the course of study.

The subject content for GCSE Drama is divided into three components:

1. Understanding drama

2. Devising drama

3. Texts in practice


Guidance is also provided on the theatrical skills students will need to work on. In the practical components students may specialise in performing, lighting, sound, set, costume and/or puppets.


How will I be assessed?


Qualities I will need to be successful on this course?

— Enthusiasm

— Imagination/creativity

— Confidence

— Excellent attendance

— Ability to work in groups of all sizes

— Resilience

— Concentration

— Be able to evaluate (both vocally and through writing)

GCSE Music

This is a single option course where you will develop your performing, composing and appraising skills. If you are enthusiastic about music, willing to try new and different styles of music, can work as a team and independently, this is the course for you!

What will this course enable me to do?

You will develop an interest and enjoyment of music that will be sustained in later life, so that you are inspired, moved and changed by studying a broad, satisfying and worthwhile course of study. Your own musical interests and skills including an understanding of how to make music individually and in groups will be developed. You will evaluate your own and others’ music and develop understanding and appreciation of a range of different kinds of music. You will develop broader life-skills and attributes including critical and creative thinking, aesthetic sensitivity, emotional awareness, cultural understanding, self-discipline, self-confidence and self-motivation.

What will the course contain?

You will develop your ability in performing and composing, and develop your listening and appraising skills. Over the two years you will look at the following areas of study:

* The concerto through time

* Rhythms of the world

* Film and game music

* Conventions of pop

How will I be assessed?

You will do a mixture of controlled assessment and some tests:

* Controlled Assessments:

o Integrated Tasks: a performance on your main instrument; and a composition for your main instrument = 30% of final grade

o Practical Portfolio: a group performance; a composition based on a set brief = 30% of final grade

* Exams:

o Listening Exam: you listen to music from the areas of study and answer questions on it = 40% of final grade

Qualities I will need to be successful on this course?

* Imagination

* Enthusiasm

* Commitment

* Have the ability to work in a team

* Perseverance and an ability to take/act on advice

* Join extra-curricular activities to extend and support your musical progression


Successful students will want to use practice facilities at lunchtime and after school, and to be involved with concerts and events.

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