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Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning

What will this course enable me to do?

For some students a programme based exclusively on GCSE and BTEC courses may not be the most appropriate preparation for future employment. If you like learning practical skills and have a real interest in a particular vocational area, then you should consider one of the special package courses that we offer. The Plume Academy has developed strong links with local Colleges and we are therefore able to offer practical courses (please note that all courses contain written aspects) in the following areas:


* Animal Care - Level 1

* General Construction Occupations - Level 1

* Equine Studies – available at Level 1

* Hospitality (Catering) – BTEC Level 1

* Hairdressing – available at Level 1

* Horticulture - Level 1

* Motor Vehicle Maintenance – Level 1

What Will I do If I choose a vocational education course?

The week will be divided between your College course, School and a relevant Work Experience placement. You will attend College for one day per week, depending on the course you take.

College Days:

You travel to College from School and follow a vocational course where you learn a range of practical skills. This will lead to a vocational qualification (VRQ), City & Guilds qualification or a Technical Award. The assessments will be made on your practical skills and theory elements of the course. All transport arrangements are organised by the school. College terms and dates do not always match that of Plume School. At times the colleges are open when school is closed or college is closed when school is open. Each student will be advised separately of any action needed. This will give you an excellent basis to follow further training, gain employment, and continue at college or an apprenticeship.

In School Days:

You will attend school 3 days a week. On the days that you attend School you have a timetable like all other students and follow the normal school routines. You will study:

* English Language

* Mathematics

* Science

* Physical Education

* Philosophy and Ethics


The majority of students will also study English Literature.


Mini Options – you choose two from a selection of subjects; these may differ from main stream options but might include:

* Geography

* History

* Drama

* Technology


* Child Development

* Art

Students can be entered for Foundation and Higher tier GCSEs.

What qualities do I need to be successful on this programme?

· You will need to have an idea about the type of work you are interested in

· The maturity to learn skills at College and cope in a work placement for a significant part of the week

· The personal integrity to be trusted in a College and work placement

· A genuine interest in learning new skills in a work based environment

· The ability to adapt to your different learning environments during each week

* Must be punctual for transport pick-up


Can anyone take an alternative education course?

No! This is a special programme and you will need to show that you have the personal qualities to benefit from these opportunities. You will need to attend an interview at School where we will make an initial assessment of your suitability for this course. Your parents will also be invited to this interview and you will also need to discuss your career plans with a trained Connexions Advisor. The College will also ask you to attend for an interview and induction day before you start the course. Colleges offer places on a successful interview basis.

To find out more about Flexible Learning Courses please come along to the Options Evening and talk to staff and students about how it works.


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