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GCSE Mathematics

What will this course enable me to do?

Traditionally Mathematics has involved knowing the rules to deal with numbers, percentages, areas, equations etc. This course will demonstrate that Mathematics can be used to solve practical problems in everyday situations.

An important aim of the course is to help you to talk about Mathematics and use mathematical language correctly. Helping you to read and understand mathematical information given in tables, graphs and diagrams, building your confidence to enable you to pass on your knowledge to others in a clear, concise and logical way.

What will the course contain?

Learners are given the opportunity to study all aspects of Mathematics, developing knowledge skills and understanding of mathematical methods and concepts. Students will study:

• Number

• Algebra

• Ratio, proportion and rates of change

• Geometry and measures

• Probability and Statistics

Maths GCSE qualifications have changed to ensure they are rigorous and robust and give students access to high quality qualifications which match the highest expectations of colleges, universities and employers. Students are encouraged to use their knowledge and understanding to make connections between mathematical concepts and be able to apply the functional elements of mathematics to solve problems in real‐life situations.

How will I be assessed

The Maths GCSE consists of 3 externally examined papers which will be sat in June 2019; two calculator and one non‐calculator paper. Each paper is 1 hour and 30 minutes and will have questions to test the full content of the course i.e. Number, Algebra, Shape, Space and Measure, and Statistics and Probability.

Qualities I will need to be successful on this course

You need to be able to organise your equipment and time effectively, to be prepared to ask questions if you do not understand and complete homework regularly to the deadlines set. The ability to work independently and revise effectively is essential to the successful completion of the course. All students will need their own scientific calculator for all Maths lessons.


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