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Plume PE Faculty Intent

The intent of PE at Plume is to expose students to a range of activities, to promote lifelong participation at varying levels, to lead a healthy active lifestyle and to provide opportunities for students to excel in sport.

PE Emergency Contact Number - 07774337497

Curriculum PE

How will we achieve this?

In PE we develop a range of physical skills, promote lifelong values and build resilience through a variety of activities and pathways, aiming to inspire all students to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. The curriculum at Plume provides intellectual, mental and physical challenges at varying levels for students to overcome.

Preparing students for the future

Within lessons, skill comprehension and knowledge that is introduced through Key Stage 3 will be developed and advanced within Key Stages 4 and 5, allowing for progression to further studies and participation on a variety of pathways.

Outside of participating in a broad and balanced curriculum, students are provided with a range of extra-curricular activities that further develop their skills, stretch their minds and help in achieving a healthy and active lifestyle.

PE Clubs


The government have now announced that during the latest national lockdown, schools are not permitted to deliver extra-curricular activities in Physical Education. 


Our apologies but all extra-curricular PE clubs are suspended until further notice. 

Any questions regarding lunch time clubs and after school revision sessions, please contact a member of the PE faculty

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