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Physical Education

Physical Education

What will this course enable me to do?

The course is organised to encourage you to participate regularly in health‐promoting physical activity, while at the same time helping you to understand just what is involved in the maintenance of a healthy life‐style. For example, do you know whether you can continue with your favourite activities upon leaving school, or which training methods are the best for you?


What will the course contain?

In Year 10, students will follow a varied and tailored programme of study. Each student is required to participate in both indoor and outdoor activities that include both traditional games e.g. Football, Netball etc. and alternative activities such as Kinball and Indoor Curling. They should also include athletics, cricket and rounders.


What is the programme of study for physical education at key stage 4?

For those students who do not opt to take GCSE PE for KS4 you follow the Core PE course. For this you tackle complex and demanding activities applying your knowledge of skills, techniques and effective performance. You can decide whether to get involved in physical activity that is mainly focused on competing or performing, promoting health and well‐being, or developing personal fitness. You will also experience a variety of roles within each activity including performance, coach, choreographer, leader and official. The view you have of your skilfulness and physical competence will hopefully give you the confidence to get involved in exercise and activity out of school and in later life.

For those students who opt to take GCSE PE you follow a Core PE curriculum that is designed to support your examination PE studies. You will have the opportunity to undertake the Level 2 Sports Leaders Award and become a proficient qualified official or coach in a number of sports including Football, Badminton, Rounders and Table Tennis.


How will I be assessed in Physical Education?

This is a non‐exam course; however, you will be assessed in line with the National Guidelines of Physical Education. Do you know what grade you are currently working at? If not, ask your teacher.


What are the qualities I will need to be successful on this course?

To be successful at this course, you must be prepared to regularly bring the correct kit and participate in all lessons to the best of your ability. Often it is not about the standard that others achieve, but how much progress you as an individual make.

GCSE Physical Education (Full Course)


What Will This Course Enable Me To Do?

This course is for students who have an interest in sport and who have actively participated in Physical Education over the last three years. A good grade at GCSE PE will help you:

  • Move onto any Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced course including Physical Education

  • Move onto any vocational related course such as Leisure and Recreation

  • Pursue employment opportunities where your skills will be particularly valued, for example the sport and leisure industry, travel, tourism and teaching


What Will The Course Contain?

AQA GCSE Full Course Physical Education is a subject that contains both theoretical andpractical elements. You will participate in a range of practical activities including: football, basketball, badminton, netball, hockey, circuit training, rounders and trampolining. During theory lessons you will learn about the skeleton, muscles, joints, the circulatory and respiratory system, sports psychology, how we can improve performance, training methods, diet and sports injuries.


How Will I Be Assessed?

Practical Component

Your final practical grade is worth 40% of your final grade and includes the following: A practical examination mark for three final practical activities- Controlled Assessment (30% of final grade) One must be a team activity, the second must be an individual activity and the third is a choice of a further team or individual activity.

An externally moderated mark for a Performance Analysis and Evaluation (PAE) (10% of final grade)

Theoretical Component

There are 2 exams worth 60% of your final grade:

  • Human Body and Movement in Physical Activity and Sport - 1 hour 15 minutes (30% final grade)

  • Social and Cultural Wellbeing and Influences in Physical Activity and Sport - 1 hour 15 minutes (30% final grade)


Qualities I Will Need To Be Successful On This Course

To take this course it is necessary that you:

Complete a three-part GCSE PE Practical Assessment, which will entail:

  • Multi Stage Fitness Test

  • Sporting Profile Questionnaire

  • GCSE Practical Skills Assessment

You should also:

  • Regularly participate in all practical Physical Education lessons in Year 9

  • Work towards achieving at least a grade 4/5 in practical Physical Education at the end of Year 9

  • Achieve a strong Science and English Assessment at the end of Year 9

  • Participate in extra-curricular sporting clubs inside and outside of the Academy

  • Are willing and motivated to improve your sporting performance

  • Compete in one sport at a very good level


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