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Virtual Lesson Descriptors

Lesson Descriptors  

Virtual Learning Hub  

June 2020 

Live Lesson  

A live lesson is when a subject is delivered in the Microsoft Team Lesson at a scheduled time and there  are two or more members of staff present. For live lessons students must arrive ready to engage in  the lesson and this includes having access to a pen and paper at the start of the lesson. There will be  a lead teacher, a supporting teacher that helps with the ‘chat’ queries and questions and where  appropriate there will be SEND support staff present to support students and their learning. The lesson  will run for up to sixty minutes and be led by the lead member of staff, who may not always be the  students original teacher. They will sometimes share screens, displaying worksheets, PowerPoints or  videos, as required within their lesson and then they will often narrate and talk through the share  screens. Most subjects, will offer at least one live lesson a week for the students depending on the  year group, subject or class size. Live lessons will also be recorded for students to access at a later  point should for whatever reason a student misses the scheduled lesson. Students should then access  these to ensure they are up to speed for the lessons ahead of the next timetabled lesson.  

Pre‐Recorded Lessons  

Pre-recorded lessons are lessons that are taken by teaching staff and constructed to support and work  alongside live lessons, some subjects will have only pre‐recorded lessons, as these will be due to the  subject and the content. In pre‐recorded lessons, staff members will not always be present to ask  questions and get immediate answers from however, on occasions, staff will be present and able to  assist the lesson by the ‘chat’ feature, again there will always be two members of staff that are present  during these conversations. Pre‐recorded lessons can be completed at any time and not always the  scheduled class/lesson time as they will be saved within the ‘team’ group meaning students can access  this when they are able to complete the lesson.  

Home Learning  

As done previously to Virtual Learning, home learning is completing tasks, worksheets or questions  that are set on familiar platforms such as SMHW or the academy email system. Now with the addition  of Microsoft teams and the creation of classes means that some home learning tasks will be set for  the ‘team’ or class via Microsoft teams and any members of that class will be notified of the task via  email. They can then access the document or task to complete it as required. Home learning tasks and  the questions that students have about the work should be directed to the staff that would have set  the task so that the help and support that is received is specific to the home learning task.   


If you have any questions about the information please do not hesitate to contact your Head of Year or the if assistance is required. 


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