Form Time and Assembly

Form Time and Assembly

Form time for all year groups will consist of two or three different form groups, with the lead staff for the form group delivering the lesson between 9 – 9.20am, once a week for each student. Students will be required to join the form time to get information about the week ahead, virtual learning, access the Personal Development curriculum and content as well as key form tutor sessions linked to various themes such as CEIAG, LGBT+ or ‘Staying Safe in the Summer’.

Each week in form students will have a specific focus. This focus will be built upon during the assembly that week or the week before. This is to ensure that students have a clear understanding and have grasped the focus for that weeks form time.

During form time, if questions are asked during the lesson, the assisting members of staff will do their utmost to help and ensure that you are able to come away feeling supported and encouraged with regards to your learning via the virtual learning hub.

Year 7-9 Form Time – Virtual Learning

Year 10 Form Time – Virtual Learning