Weekly Activity Challenges Summer 2020

Weekly Challenges

Each week the PE Faculty will be running a series of “Activity Challenges”. These will run as an interform competition, and all entries will be given points, with bonus points for the winners! A prize will be awarded for the form with the most points when all students return to the Academy!


Each week please email your “evidence”. This could be video clips/ photos/ screen shots of strava/ steps taken. Winners will be announced each week and points awarded to the form.


Please can evidence/ results be sent to the following staff:


All evidence must be in by 12pm on the Friday of each week.


Examples and demonstrations will be given by PE staff each week. These can be found in the PE mini site. Extra points awarded if you can get a higher score than the nominated PE teacher!



Physical Activity Challenges

PE Teacher Demonstration/ Evidence

Week 1 - Mrs Bidgood’s “Fit Bit” report. 109km to beat!


Week Commencing

Challenge Outline

Monday 8th June

Walk or run as far as you can. This can be measured in steps (smart watch?) or km. You have to provide proof of the total steps/ km/ miles. PE Teacher to beat: Mrs Bidgood 
Alternatively Look on the website: https://www.bocciaengland.org.uk/the-rainbow-cup  
They have a range of boccia challenges to try. No specialist equipment is necessary and you can get your family to join in and play against you. Points awarded for having a go.

PE Teacher to beat: Mr Ainscough

Catch and clap. Throw a ball up in the air as you can and clap your hands as many times as you can.  

PE Teacher to have a go: Mrs Meadows 
















Tap up. How many times can you tap up a tennis ball on a racket in 60 seconds? If the ball touches the floor, time continues but your score freezes until you start tapping again!

PE Teacher to beat: Miss Parry

Monday 15th June

Monday 22nd June

Skipping. How many skips can you do in 60 seconds? If you don’t have a skipping rope, can you use a dressing gown belt?

PE Teacher to beat: Mrs White 















If you would like a different challenge with no skipping rope. How many times can you bounce over a pillow in 60 seconds? Both feet must land over the pillow for the jump to count.

PE Teacher to beat: Miss Meltzer 











Stand or sit a minimum of 2 metres away from a mug. Kick or throw a tea bag into the mug. Out of 10 attempts, how many go in?

PE Teacher to beat: Mr Dunsdon 

Monday 29th June


This week will follow the Youth Sport’s Trust’s initiative of sports days at home. More information to follow. 


Monday 6th July

The Plank. How long can you hold the ‘plank’ position for? Make sure you keep your bottom down and back straight. Keep your forearms on the floor.

PE Teacher to beat: Mr Arthur 

Balloon Challenge. From a sitting or standing position, tap a balloon from your left hand to your right hand, as many times as you can in 30 seconds. 
Or you can kick a ballon from one foot to the other instead of using your hands?

PE Teacher to beat: Mr Meadows 

Football Keep Ups. How many “keepie uppies” can you do? No time limit

PE Teacher to beat: Mr Perry 
















Or – Juggle challenge. How many balls/ socks/ oranges can you juggle?

PE Teacher to beat: Mr Stoneman 

Reaction time challenge. Ask a person that lives with you to hold a ruler up within your reach. Put your finger and thumb at 0cm. Without warning, the family member drops the rules and you catch it between the index finger and thumb as quickly as possible. The assistant is to record the distance between the bottom of the ruler and the top of the athlete's thumb where the ruler has been caught.

PE Teacher to beat: Mr Rose

Monday 13th July

PE Emergency Contact Number - 07774337497

We are seeking to appoint permanent full time Teaching Assistants with effect from September 2020. We currently have two available opportunities as our team is expanding due to student demand.  Each post offers an excellent opportunity to work in a strong SEND department in our highly successful academy which holds a good Ofsted status.

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