Post-18 Pathways

An increasing proportion of our students wish to go on to Higher Education after Year 13.

In 2018 all of the  72 students that applied to go to university gained their first choice places, many of whom secured entry to Russell Group universities.

Towards the end of Year 12 you are encouraged to begin the process of applying to university.

This begins with an invitation to attend the ‘Insight into HE Day’ held at Essex University. Here you will have the opportunity to attend subject specific lectures, as well as sessions on student life, finance, personal statements etc.

There is also a visit to the ‘Essex UCAS Convention’, held at a local university, in order to attend advice sessions and collect prospectuses for courses.

Keep a look out for details of these coming soon.

Preparation is essential – follow these tips to help;


1. Research, research, research!

- ask family, friends and professionals

- go online – the UCAS website is a good place to start

- attend open days

- research course content properly


2. Deciding on a course

- Think about what you enjoy doing most

- Is it a subject you have already studied? Will you be still be interested in that subject for a further 3 years?

- Is it a subject that relates to a career idea? Explore jobsites and graduate careers for further information.

- Is it a completely new subject? Think carefully about why you want to study it.

- You could also consider a joint honours degree – combining two subjects.


3. Choosing a university

- Read prospectuses and visit university websites.

- Attend open days

- Check the course content carefully – how is the course assessed? Are you better at coursework or examinations?

- Think about location – do you want to be based in the countryside, by the sea, or in a busy city?

- Look at the entry requirements – above all else, be realistic!


If you have any further questions please contact:

Mr C Barton, Head of College and Student Progression.

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