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16-19 Exam and Assessment Results

Advanced level qualifications (level 3)

A Level

Progress Score: -0.05

Average result: C (29.84 Points)

Academic qualifications

Progress Score: -0.06

Average result: C (29.83 Points)

Applied general qualifications

Progress Score: 0.25

Average result: Dist- (30.37 Points)

Tech levels

Completion and Attainment Score: -0.27

Average result: Dist+ (41.43 Points)

English and Maths

English average score: 0.58

% entering an approved English qualification: 100%

Maths average score: 0.31

% entering an approved Maths qualification: 100%

Student destinations 

Destinations after 16 to 18

Number of students: 140

Students staying in education: 41%

student entering apprenticeships: 16%

students entering employment: 31%

Students not in education or employment for at least two terms after study: 9%

Destination unknown: 2%

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