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Sixth Form College

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Ofsted January 2023

'Students in the Sixth Form experience a high-quality curriculum that is well matched to their needs ... 

and as a result they achieve well'

Assistant Vice Principal

Head of College

Mr J Hallam

Our Sixth Form College provides an ambitious and enjoyable experience that produces excellent outcomes in the classroom and in the wider community. We pride ourselves on our student-centred approach, high-quality teaching and the extensive opportunities we provide to our students.


Firstly, thank you for your interest in Plume College, I understand that your Post-16 decision is extremely important and I hope that you will consider joining us in September 2024. In my opinion, a Sixth Form College should be an inspiring and engaging learning environment that fosters talent and provides the high quality teaching and guidance to enable students to access their full potential. At Plume College, we combine the academic rigour of a Sixth Form with the freedom and flexibility of a College. Plume College has a history of high achievement, with the 2023 outcomes ranking in the top 25% of the country, I believe this is a result of the culture and ethos that makes Plume College what it is. When I joined Plume, I set out a vision for a ‘successful, supportive and student centered college’. One of our greatest assets is the level of pastoral support we offer students. Whilst we are highly ambitious and encourage our students to excel, we live by the philosophy that a students’ first priority is their health and happiness, if this is achieved, success will follow. Students are not just a number at Plume College, as the Head of College, I teach every Year 12 student and get to know them on a personal level. This enrichment model is unique to Plume College and I believe it is key to the success that our students have achieved. Plume College students have access to their own dedicated study spaces, library and canteen. As well as these excellent facilities, Plume College students have access to outstanding collective support from our College team and expert teachers in their subjects.

Mr J Hallam

Assistant Vice Principal: Head of College

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