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Academy Vision

Our moral purpose, vision and values


Plume Academy’s moral purpose is:

To endeavour to provide an outstanding education to all students who attend our academy.  We will always aim to be fully inclusive with our provision regardless of social background, ability, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexuality.  We will strive at all times to prepare our students for successful futures, seeking to continually improve progress and attainment for all, and to secure the highest levels of achievement appropriate to the individual learner.  We strongly believe that education should be an enjoyable experience for all students and be challenging, inspiring and positively memorable, whilst fully preparing the adults of tomorrow for the next stage of their education, employment or training.

Our clear and aspirational vision:

To deliver outstanding learning outcomes, employ and develop outstanding staff and develop and sustain an outstanding learning community.

This vision is supported by three core values all of which are integral to our success:

The education provider of choice for students

Our ambition as the education provider of choice for current and prospective students is to do our utmost to ensure they achieve the best possible outcomes across all key stages and appropriate to their ability.  In order to do this, we need our students to attend the academy regularly, enjoy their learning and aspire to be the best they can possibly be.  A fundamental part of that enjoyment and aspiration is related to extra-curricular and enrichment activities that give our students further opportunities to engage in sport, performing arts, trips, visits and workshops that in turn develop teamwork and leadership skills.

The education provider of choice for parents and carers

Our aim is to make Plume Academy the first choice for all our local families, not just because there is no other secondary provider in the town, or because it is too far to travel to the next provider or beyond, but because it is a rightfully perceived as a centre of educational excellence for the whole of our community.  We want all of our parents and carers to be assured that their child receives a high quality education provided by staff who are all at least good if not outstanding practitioners in their own right and who are fully committed to our academy.

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The employer of choice for staff

We aim to become as well as remain an organisation that is seen as the first choice of employment for senior leaders, teachers and support staff.  We want to develop, retain and recruit only the best staff and to subsequently provide them with excellent conditions of service, rewarding and enticing benefits as well as bespoke, high quality and professional development focused training.

However, absolutely central to all of this is our belief in Discipline with Dignity:

Discipline with Dignity is built on a foundation of:

Respect for ourselves, each other, our environment and our local community

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Collaboration

  • Endeavour

  • Aspiration

  • Trust

  • Commitment

  • Accountability


Plume Academy is also fully committed to working closely and in harmony with its diverse community. We aim to prepare students for life in modern world and to ensure that our academy ethos, curriculum and approaches to teaching and learning reflect and promote British values.

We recognise that these values are not exclusive to being British and that they have come to be accepted throughout the democratic world as the method of creating an orderly society in which individual members can feel safe, valued and can contribute to for the good of themselves and others.

We understand the role that our academy has in helping prevent radicalisation and supporting our students in developing a world view, recognising Britain’s place within it.

These five British values are:

Mr C A Wakefield

academy vision - discipline wit dignity
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