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Executive Leadership Team


Mo Shorney – Head Boy

My name is Mo Shorney and I have the privilege of being your Head Boy for the academic year 2023/2024. Since joining Plume Academy, I have enjoyed all aspects of school life from the academic subjects through to my involvement in the football team and now being part of Football College. I am currently studying A level Maths, Law and Business and hope to go on to study Finance and Economics at University.


Outside of the Academy, I enjoy being part of a football team that I have been a member of for many years.  Last year we won the county cup and we hope that in our final year before most of us go on to University, that we have many more successes. I have a love of history that has been encouraged by members of staff at the academy and enjoy reading on the subject.


During my time as Head Boy, I pledge to educate students about the warning signs of mental health and how they can assist their fellow pupils by openly discussing any struggles or difficulties that they may be facing. This development in the academy’s approach to mental health aims to aid the students before these issues become more prominent. 


I am looking forward to representing the Academy and working alongside the Executive Leadership Team and the wider Maldon Community supporting future projects and events. 

Mo Shorney.png

Harriet Phillips – Head Girl

Hello, my name is Harriet Phillips and I am honoured to introduce myself as Head Girl for 2023/2024. I am currently studying History, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics and English language in the aspiration to pursue a career and future in environmental holistic care that focusses on creating a better future for generations to come.


During my time as Head Girl for the next academic year, I want to ensure that every single person in the academy has a sense of belonging to the community that we live in. With belonging comes a safe space where all people feel connected to themselves, each other and the land that creates their home. This would be implemented through intergenerational mentoring programmes, youth led youth-initiated discussions and community events that encourage environmental action.


I have immense gratitude for being given the opportunity to hold this position and I look forward to working closely alongside the rest of the Leadership Team in the coming months.

Harriet Phillips.png

Felix Challis-Martin – Deputy Head Boy

My name is Felix Challis-Martin, and I am glad to introduce myself as the Deputy Head Boy for the academic year 2023/2024. I am currently studying Mathematics, English Literature and Fine Art and hope to go onto a career in archives and records management.


During my time as Deputy Head Boy over the next academic year, I would like to ensure that we provide additional resources and support for young carers and LGBTQ individuals, via the website, that could be accessed by students on both campuses. 

I would also like to create fundraising schemes for both the academy and local youth groups to ensure they can stay running and have the support they need to continue aiding our youth.


I am more than grateful to have this role, and to be able to work alongside the rest of the Leadership Team over the next academic year. 

Felix Challis-Martin.png

Jessica Watkin – Deputy Head Girl

My name is Jessica Watkin and I am pleased to introduce myself as the Deputy Head Girl for the year 2023/2024. I currently study Law, English Language and Psychology. After sixth form, I aspire to follow a career in Law by either going to university or doing a degree apprenticeship at a solicitor's firm. I joined Plume Academy in Year 12 as an external student from Ormiston Rivers Academy. Outside of Plume Academy, I enjoy going to the gym and going running.


During my time as Deputy Head Girl at Plume Academy, I aim to improve the appearance of the school to make it a more comfortable learning environment for everyone. I would also like to help students feel less pressure to achieve top grades as long as they have tried their best. I feel that it is important to improve your learning attitude before improving your grade to avoid unnecessary stress and pressure. To do this, I would like the people who put their best effort into their lessons to be rewarded as well as just those who achieve the top grades.


I am honoured to be taking on this position and am proud to be representing the academy.

Jessica Watkin.png
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