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Executive Leadership Team


William Frostick - Head Boy

Hello, I am William Frostick and I have the honour and privilege of being the Head Boy for Plume Academy 2024-2025.  Since I joined the academy in 2018, I have enjoyed all aspects of student life ranging from academic subjects to the friends I have made along the way and interactions with Plume's outstanding teachers. I am currently studying A- Level History, Geography and Psychology. After my time at the academy, I plan to have a gap year for travel and exploration after which I will apply to join the British Army as an officer.


Outside of the Academy, I partake in numerous activities such as the Army Cadets (which I have been a member of for five years now) and Rugby Union (which I have been playing for 10 years!). At my old rugby club, the team reached the county finals for two seasons in a row, we won one of them and lost the final in the second year but it was still quite an achievement.


During my time as Head Boy, I pledge to the academy that I will improve the Wellbeing Hubs (a place where students can go at break or lunchtime to have some time to themselves and improve their wellbeing). Additionally, I want to implement a formal booking process for this, create displays for the Wellbeing Hub and to promote it around the academy (via assemblies and social media) to raise awareness that students can go here if they need to.


I look forward to representing the Academy and all of its amazing students, working alongside my colleagues in the team and the wider Maldon Community supporting future projects and events.

William Frostick - Head Boy.jpg

Ella Mansfield - Head Girl

                                           Hello, my name is Ella Mansfield, and I am ever so privileged to introduce myself as Plume’s Head                                             Girl for 2024/2025. I joined the school as a nervous Year 7 in 2018 and continued my education                                               in this wonderful school, all the way through to now, in College. For the last almost 6 years, I have                                             been passionate about promoting our school and embracing every opportunity.


                                           At A Level, I am studying Physics, Maths and Product Design, with the aspirations of studying                                                     Mechanical Engineering at University, to hopefully pursue a career in Race Engineering, within                                                   motorsport.


                                           During my time as Head Girl, I aim to strengthen and augment the community both within the school and with the wider surrounding neighbourhood. I believe as a school we have great support from our staff that we, as students, can learn from. We can also utilise the fantastic environment we have to create opportunities for the wider community and us in turn. With the help from my talented team, I strive to leave a legacy that we can be proud of and that students can benefit from, for many years to come.


I will be eternally grateful for this opportunity to hold the position of Head Girl, and I am looking forward to working alongside my team, our staff, our students and the community that supports our Academy.

Ella Mansfield - Head Girl.jpg

Emily Cooper - Deputy Head Girl

Hi, my name is Emily Cooper, and I am pleased to introduce myself as one of your Deputy Head Girls for the academic year 2024/2025. I am currently studying Chemistry, Biology and English Language, having also completed my EPQ earlier this year, with the hopes of going onto study Medicine.


I am an external student, having joined from Colchester County High School, but have felt completely welcomed into the Plume community and look forward to contributing to it over the next year. Some of my goals for my role include fostering greater bonds between older students at FRC and younger students as MRC through mentoring and tutoring, as well as increasing careers education throughout all the years. I also have been a cadet with St John Ambulance for the past 5 years and am eager to create more opportunities for students to engage with first aid education.


I look forward to reaching these goals with you and am honoured to have been chosen for this role.

Emily Cooper - Deputy Head Girl.jpg

Natalie Coxeter - Deputy Head Girl

My name is Natalie Coxeter, and I am pleased to introduce myself as one of the Deputy Head Girls and proud member of the Student Leadership Team at Plume Academy for 2024/2025. I am currently studying A-level Geography, English Literature and Sociology.


After Year 13, I am planning on continuing my studies through further education at university, studying English, to broaden my opportunities for future employment. As an external student, I aspire to combine my knowledge from my previous school, Ormiston Rivers Academy, to help create a welcoming environment at Plume Academy, where community is at the heart of the school.



Outside of lessons and College, I am an active member of the community taking part in events all year around, and I am also a member of my local RAF Air Cadet Squadron in Burnham On Crouch. 


During my time in the position of Deputy Head Girl, I aim to assist my fellow team in creating a great sense of belonging across both Mill Road and Fambridge Road Campuses, whilst also ensuring Plume Academy is heavily involved in the community of Maldon. I pledge to ensure all pupils across the Academy are receiving the support they need to flourish in their studies, whilst also creating a safe learning environment where students feel a level of connection between themselves and the Executive Student Leadership Team.


As well as this, during the academic year I aim to ensure Plume Academy's values are upheld across the campuses: Ambition, Resilience, Respect and Community. 

Natalie Coxeter - Deputy Head Girl.jpg

Amelie Shearer - Deputy Head Girl

Hello, my name is Amelie Shearer and I am honoured to be taking on the role of Deputy Head Girl for this academic year. I am currently studying Criminology, Psychology and English Literature and have recently completed my Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).  This opportunity is extremely meaningful to me as I feel passionately about ensuring there is a strong sense of community in the school and that all students feel confident and comfortable enough to voice their opinions - I believe this role will enable me to achieve this. 


                                             Outside of school, I have volunteered as a Young Essex Commissioner in Maldon Youth Centre                                                 for six years and I aim to promote the advantages of supporting the local community as part of                                                   my new role as Deputy Head Girl.  I believe I can successfully achieve this by planning projects,                                                 which bring Plume Academy and the wider community together. This will be beneficial in maintaining a positive relationship between students and the educational environment they learn in, inside and outside of school, as well as providing the opportunity for projects promoted by the school in Maldon town.


I am feel extremely privileged to take on this exciting role and look forward to working closely with the student leadership team to make a positive impact on the school.

Amelie Shearer - Deputy Head Girl.jpg
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