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Executive Leadership Team

Grace Salfairso - Head Girl

My name is Grace Salfairso and I am pleased to announce that I will be your new Head Girl at Plume Academy for the year 2022/2023. I am currently studying Drama, Dance and Psychology and I hope to go onto a career in Performing Arts in the future. I enjoy taking part in expressive arts activities externally as well, for example, I am part of Theatre Train and I have also taken part in Witham Operatic Workshop (WOW).

During my time as Head Girl over the next academic year, I would like to ensure that we provide additional mental health resources via the website which can be accessed by students of both campuses, and parents and carers who might need further advice and guidance.

I also would like to work on introducing post-18 options and skills to students earlier on in their time at Plume Academy to help make it less overwhelming in later years.

Due to my passion for the Performing Arts, I would also like to create more performance opportunities to get everyone involved with, including our community. I am incredibly grateful to have this role and cannot wait to carry it out to an excellent standard over the next academic year.

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Jenson Bacon – Head Boy

My name is Jenson Bacon and I have the privilege of being your Head Boy for the year 2022/2023. Throughout my time at Plume Academy, I have enjoyed various subjects such as Drama, Dance, Physics, and Business which has led me to take Drama, Dance and Business at A level. I hope to then take these to pursue a career in performing arts.


Outside of school I enjoy taking part in various expressive arts activities. I belong to Witham Operatic Workshop (WOW) where I had the opportunity to play ‘Sky Masterson’ in Guys & Dolls. 

I also belong to Wickham Bishops Drama Club where my love for the Arts started. I also love playing guitar and I am a huge Star Wars fan.

This coming academic year I plan to implement a mentoring programme which would hopefully make students more passionate about subjects across the board, and to share the experience I have found in expressive arts.

I also plan to bridge the academy and the community together through more performance opportunities and art exhibits which would be open to the public as well.  In addition, I want to work closely with care homes in the area to give back to the community.

I am looking forward to this opportunity and working alongside the Executive Leadership Team to implement positive changes around the academy.

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Cameron Morrison - Deputy Head Boy

My name is Cameron Morrison, and I am the newly elected Deputy Head Boy for the academic year 2022/2023. I am studying Music, Mathematics, and Computer Science at A level. After completing my A levels, I hope to apply to Sandhurst to train as an officer in the British Army.

I have studied at Plume Academy since Year 7 and enjoyed many opportunities over the years. Away from the academy, I am an NCO in the Army Cadets and I enjoy playing as part of the Essex Youth Orchestra and Essex Youth Jazz Orchestra. I have been lucky enough to tour Germany performing. I also work as a lifeguard at Blackwater Leisure Centre.

As students move up through the academy, they are required to make important choices regarding their options for both GCSE’s and A levels. Although there is a wealth of information regarding subjects from the subject teachers on the website and at open evenings, it is my belief that students may benefit from a student’s perspective of the subject. I would like to run a casual lunchtime session, hosted by college students, taking each subject, for both A level and GCSE, where students can ask any questions they might have about the subject, and see examples of students' work. This will help to further inform students on GCSE and post 16 options. I am extremely excited to work with the rest of the Executive Leadership Team over the next year to achieve our goals and represent the academy at both internal as well as community events.

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Adele Blanke - Deputy Head Girl

Adele Blanke.png

My name is Adele Blanke, and I am glad to introduce myself to you as the Deputy Head Girl for the year 2022/2023. I am dedicated to my studies at Plume Academy and study A levels in Law, Business, and Criminology. These options are a great first step to becoming a corporate solicitor. I have been a part of the academy since Year 7 and have participated in various extra-curricular activities and events. Outside of Plume Academy, I belong to Uechi Ryu Karate Club and have participated in karate since I was eleven. I have competed nationally.

During my time as Deputy Head Girl, I wish to work alongside our CEIAG Lead, Miss Meltzer, in reviewing and developing our CEIAG resources from a student perspective to enhance provision moving forwards. To do this, I would like to set up a careers and options event which will allow

Plume Academy students of all years to become more informed about future subject and careers options. This is because I wish for students to become more knowledgeable of possible careers from a younger age as it will not only give students the ability to plan for their futures, but also give them a clear goal to strive towards. The event would be held after school and students of all years would be welcome along with their parents and carers. It would involve teachers speaking about what their subject entails and what careers it can lead to as well as students who have already chosen Year 9, GCSE and A-Level options speaking on why they chose them.

I am honored to be taking on this position and am glad to be representing the academy.

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