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Executive Leadership Team


Maisie Shorney – Head Girl

My name is Maisie Shorney and I am the current Head Girl for the academic year 2021-2022. I am studying Maths, Chemistry and English Literature at A-Level.  I am hoping to go on to study Medicine as I would like a career where I can make a difference. 


I joined the Academy in year 7 and over the past six years I have been involved in many events which have required me to gain confidence in public speaking, support my fellow students and represent the Academy. I am looking forward to continuing with this.


My legacy as Head Girl would be to create a chat forum that is fully inclusive, where students can chat openly in a safe environment with peers in a similar position. Enabling them to voice their concerns and assist each other and the wider community when they are maybe unable to attend school due to ill health or other personal reasons.


In closing, I am passionate about the Academy and the opportunities and support it has afforded me. I will ensure that myself and the others on the Leadership Team represent the Academy to the best of our ability and demonstrate what a fantastic environment it is to be part of.

Dominic Mainwaring – Head Boy

My name is Dominic Mainwaring and I am the Head Boy for the academic year of 2021/22. Currently I study Business Studies, Geography and Biology. After I have finished my studies, I am planning on attaining a degree in Accounting and Finance.


I have been a student at the Plume Academy since I first joined the academy in Year 7. I am thoroughly enjoying the challenges that College life gives me, which is helped by the immense support offered by College staff.


As Head Boy I will become more than someone that is in such a prestigious role in the Academy, I will become someone who is also willing to talk to students and staff no matter the topic or the year

group they come from. It is important for me to do this as it would generate trust and create new relationships with people I may have not had before.


My aims as Head Boy would be to improve the environmental image of Plume and the Maldon Community. To successfully be able to do this I would need help from other students. It is important for tasks like this to be collaborated on as it isn’t just my own environment, its everyone’s and everyone needs to play a part in this aim.


Mental health will also be a target of mine during my time as Head Boy. I would look to encourage people to come forward and talk about their problems, as no one should be bottling something up inside. To encourage people about coming forth about their mental health I would look to set up assemblies and teach fellow students during tutorial time in the school week about the struggles of mental health, ways other people can help those dealing with mental health and most importantly support lines they can reach out to.


I am thrilled to be in the position I am in including all the opportunities that come with the role to represent the Academy. Everyone as part of the Student Leadership Team are looking forward to working with our fellow peers and developing the school’s philosophy further.

Mae Barthorpe – Deputy Head Girl

My name is Mae Barthorpe, and I am one of the three new Deputy Head Girls for the academic year of 2021/2022. I am currently studying English Literature, Law and Psychology. I am hoping to go on to studying a degree in Psychology with an included year abroad. By doing this I aspire to have a career in a field of Psychology, whilst being able to travel and see the world at the same time.


I am an external student to Plume Academy, and since September, I have enjoyed every aspect of College life. The Academy goes above and beyond to welcome and include all new students onto the campus, this level of support has enabled me to progress a great deal with my A levels. The Academy has also provided me with great opportunities which have allowed me to make the most out of my KS5 education and develop skills that will support me throughout this role.


During my time as Deputy Head Girl, I aim to introduce a community aspect by improving the relationship between lower and upper years. I feel that promoting this relationship will establish a stronger connection between the students at both campuses which will aid the transition from Mill Road to Fambridge Road Campus. I will introduce this through interventions, such as sport activities, that will be available for all students. Another way I aspire to implement this is through educating all years about well-being and mental health.  I feel this is an important topic to cover to be able to achieve a tight knit community between year groups.


I am honoured to hold such a respectable position within the Academy which will enable me to represent the Academy to the best of my ability.

Olivia Wyre – Deputy Head Girl

My name is Olivia Wyre and I am one of the newly appointed Deputy Head Girls. I am currently studying A Level PE, Biology and French with the hopes of going to university to study Sports Science to then become a secondary school PE teacher. I joined Plume in year 12 as an external student which has been the best option for me. I chose Plume for my post 16 education because I was immediately drawn in by the schools amazing family feel and instant welcoming feeling that I received. I also knew that I wanted to continue down a sports path, and after looking round Plume, I knew that it would be the best place for me to do so. 


During my time as Deputy Head Girl, I would like to aim to improve students’ mental health through an increase in participation in physical activity. I would like to start new exercise classes and make

the gym accessible to students after school. Being a hockey player myself, I understand the great benefit that physical activity has in mental health.  I believe that this will be a great opportunity for students to keep healthy whilst having fun and improving their mental health. 


I also would like to work with the rest of the Executive Leadership Team to ensure that students around the school know who we are and they feel confident in knowing who to talk to in case they have any worries or concerns.   I hope that as a Team we can go round to forms at Fambridge Road Campus and Mill Road Campus to introduce ourselves and ensure that there is still a connection between both campuses. 


I am really excited for this year’s opportunities and cannot wait to represent the Academy further. 

Natalia Dudek – Deputy Head Girl

My name is Natalia Dudek and I am a part of the Student Leadership Team; I have been appointed the role of Deputy Head Girl, which I will carry out with the best of my ability.


I am a keen A level student of Spanish, English Literature and Sociology; these subjects have offered, given and improved my confidence, motivation, critical thinking, time management and so much more! After finishing my A levels, I wish to study a university degree in Primary Teaching, travel the world and later, settle down as a teacher.


In my free time I love to unwind with a cup of tea and a book in my hand, cook or bake something for my family and practice a bit of yoga every now and then.


Over my time here at Plume Academy, I believe that I really flourished; I want to give back some of the confidence and self-esteem that the school has given me to inspire and encourage every pupil to feel like I do now. Therefore, my main pledge is to create a whole school family atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable with each. I am a strong believer that ‘Everyone has a voice’, no matter your gender, age, ethnicity or background, we are ALL a part of this community and therefore, we deserve to have a say in how we can improve the school further and further.


As part of my pledge, I will implement a frequently used email system, frequent visits to both the Mill Road and Fambridge Road Campuses, pop in to year group assemblies to ensure that every pupil is updated with the changes that we are making. I am going to engage the College mentors in an even more interactive role than before (with the additional function of the mentors acting as people who can support and relate to the students whenever they feel pressured with school work, are anxious about a situation at home or simply need someone to talk to). I believe that a simple five-minute conversation at the beginning of each session will create not only a stronger bond between the mentor and student, but will also enable the student to feel on top of their academic and personal life. Last, but certainly not the least, implementation is the creation of peer-led, interactive self-esteem workshops. I believe that, through the use of drama and group based activities, we will strengthen the bond between pupils, whilst helping them improve their personal wellbeing.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of staff here at Plume Academy for simply being amazing, hardworking and doing everything in their might to help the pupils at Plume Academy feel welcomed and appreciated. I cannot wait to see what these two years will bring, what positive changes we make, what legacy we leave behind.

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Charles Brunt – Deputy Head Boy

My name is Charles Brunt and I am the newly elected Deputy Head Boy of Plume Academy.  I currently study BTEC Sport Level 3 and A-Level Business Studies in College. I started studying at Plume College at the end of Year 10. I am aspiring to go to University to study Business with an emphasis on Sport. My desire is to own a business in the sports industry.


I am willing to give students advice on how to cope with stress and will also be attentive to students’ understanding of the academy procedures and its exciting development plans. I am also more than happy to represent the school and would endeavour to inspire my peers to achieve excellent results in all their activities to the best of their abilities.


love to sing, and play guitar at public events and I am also a member of the Football College Team at Plume Academy. The academy has given me multiple opportunities like singing at the Christmas concert in 2019 and volunteering at open evening. As a Deputy Head Boy, I promise to provide leadership for all age groups within the school in all areas in activities in schoolwork, sport, music, and supporting the school in all its activities for the benefit of the pupils and the local community.