College Leadership Team

Ben Howard – Head Boy

My name is Ben Howard and I am the newly elected Head Boy of Plume, Maldon’s Community Academy. I am studying A Level Business, History and Physics.  I am aspiring to do a degree in Business Management and to have a career in Business, possibly internationally, as I would like to travel.

Plume Academy is definitely responsible for my love for Business.  I can certainly give credit and praise for the advice given at options evening which provided me with the insight and knowledge of what was best for me to study at GCSE level. This then meant that I could follow the path I wanted at post 16 and onwards. The school always provided me with the opportunities that were best for me and allowed me to get the most out of my educational experience.

During my term as Head Boy, I will attempt to be a role model everything that is present and good in and around the academy and volunteering with Homework Club for years 7 and 8 in order to ensure that students both know and recognise me at both Fambridge and Mill Road Campuses. I believe that a key part of being Head Boy is that the students know and feel comfortable talking to you and providing another source of advice so their school life is a positive experience.

My main aims for the academy are to improve the school toilets at Fambridge Road Campus as I have spoken to the students and know that this is a clear issue for them that needs addressing.  I aim to achieve this via the introduction of College Prefects.

My other main aim is to create an email system whereby students can email me directly about issues affecting them.  This will allow me to help them individually and provide me with the knowledge to improve their holistic school experience.

I am proud to hold such a prestigious role and to have the opportunity to represent the academy and in turn, to make a really positive impact. I believe that the Executive Leadership Team will work to the best of our abilities whilst endeavouring to improve the academy for all students.

Darcie Plume – Head Girl


My name is Darcie Plume and I am the new Head Girl of Plume, Maldon’s Community Academy. I am currently in College and I am studying Business, Sociology and English Language at A level. I am hoping to go on to do a Degree Apprenticeship in Social Work as I am very passionate about helping and providing support to others.

I have studied at the academy since year 7 and I have received many opportunities in my time here which have helped me gain confidence and experience; such experiences include primary school sports day events, volunteering to help at the Maldon Mud Race and peer mentoring. The academy has given me the chance to develop into an independent individual and I would like to return the favour to my peers and teachers.

Ultimately, my main aim as Head Girl is to help every individual student in the academy to have the same positive experience as myself. Further to this, one of my main pledges is to make the transitional process as smooth as possible. I aim to do this by creating ‘taster days’ for the subjects on offer for GCSE and AS/A level so that it is less-daunting, and students have an insight to what the subjects entail. I would also like to set up mentoring with students to discuss issues surrounding school or give emotional support.  Finally, I would like to visit Mill Road Campus on a regular basis to become a familiar face to the 600+ students who are educated there.

Overall, I feel extremely privileged to be the Head Girl of the academy and to be working alongside such an amazing group of people. During this time, I will proudly represent the academy not only in relation to my peers but within the community as a whole.

Daniel Allen – Deputy Head Boy


My name is Daniel Allen and I am the Deputy Head Boy of Plume, Maldon’s Community Academy. I am currently studying A Level Law, PE and English language; all of which I enjoy a great deal.

I have been at Plume since year 7 and I believe that it has been a major factor in determining the person I am today, both inside and outside of the academy. The reason why I believe that Plume has benefited me is because It has given me the freedom and independence that I needed to grow personally, whilst still giving me the high quality teaching and support that has also allowed me to grow academically.

My pledges are: to provide mixed year academic clubs in order to provide students with the opportunity to interact in a refreshing and organic way whilst also giving them the chance to see how that subject changes as you progress in your studies. I believe that this will help students to plan their future and will allow them to be better prepared when choosing subjects when the time comes.

I would also like to see the addition of more sports teams to the College curriculum as it is can provide both health as well as social benefit to all students who subsequently participate. This is because the stress that exams can cause students can sometimes become overwhelming. Therefore, by giving College students the chance to release some of that stress through sport may well prove both beneficial to the student as well as the academy.

Outside of College, I am very interested in sport and I play for Maldon Rugby Club 1st XV. This has given me the opportunity to interact with the Maldon community which I believe is a very important part of the College Leadership Team.

I am really excited to meet the students and other stakeholders within the academy and look forward to working with everyone to make the academy the best that it can be in the 2019-20 academic year.

tion skills and being accepting of other people’s characteristics and differing opinions.

Megan Wiley- Deputy Head Girl

My name is Megan Wiley and I am the new Deputy Head Girl at Plume, Maldon’s Community Academy. I am currently in the College and studying IT, Business and Maths. Once I leave College I am looking to move on and get a Degree Apprenticeship in the Business Industry. I have studied at Plume Academy since Year 7 and have really enjoyed my time here.  I have met some amazing people and the academy has given me so many opportunities that have helped build my confidence, both inside and outside the classroom.

I have got involved in many activities and events throughout my journey at Plume, things such as completing my Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award, helping on Business Enterprise days, Open Evenings and becoming a Peer Mentor. Offering my help throughout my school years thus far has therefore meant that I have received a Jack Petchey Award from the academy and I feel that all these opportunities have enhanced my ability to work as part of a team, improved my communication skills as well as my ability to talk to new people.

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