"Whenever curricular choices are offered,

careful and through guidance is provided."



The curriculum for Year 9 provides for the time allocations as Year 8 in English, Mathematics, Science, Foreign


Languages, Humanities, Information & Communications Technology, Personal, Social & Health Education and Physical Education. Students are given some choice about the courses that they take within the Expressive Arts and Technology areas of the curriculum. Within these choices it is possible to include additional time for the study of both French and Spanish as well as a Business Enterprise course.


A pre-vocational course is offered to some students who may benefit from this option. There is a range of choice within this programme, but all students taking this course continue to study the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, as well as Physical Education.


Years 10 and 11


In Years 10 and 11 students continue to pursue a core, or entitlement curriculum in accordance with the National Curriculum. All study English, Mathematics, Science, Citizenship, Religious Education and Physical Education.


Options Guidance


Whenever curricular choices are offered, careful and thorough guidance is provided. This takes the form of booklets, talks, advice from teachers and individual counselling. Parents are always involved in the process. The academy provides detailed information and clear guidance to support these very important decisions.


Options at Key Stage 4


Students have the opportunity to gain up to 12 GCSE grades including some short course GCSE qualification. The following examination courses are available in the Options system:





Students in Science study AQA Combined Sciences, Trilogy - awarding 2 GSCE’s or Individual Sciences, Triple - awarding 3 GCSE’s Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Currently the Individual Sciences Triple is our favoured option with 70% of the students following this pathway.


An alternative educational provision is available through our Flexible Learning Centre which some students select. This programme consists of an external College and supporting Work Placement which runs alongside core subjects of English, Maths and Science  well as Physical Education and GCSE option subjects or equivalent, taught within Plume, Maldon's Community Academy.


GCSE PE is offered to students through our "Fast Track" programme. Students can sit the GCSE exam after one year of out of academy hours study. Results so far for students in Years 9 and 10 have been excellent. All of these courses are offered to students, but we can only decide whether a course will be provided when we discover how many students wish to take it. Regrettably, we are unable to run courses that attract too few students in any particular year.


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