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Rewards at Plume Academy

Plume Academy stakeholders take great pride in ensuring our students achievements, values and approach to their academic studies are rewarded. Using Satchel One, our academy's staff can reward students with badges for particular values that are specific to our academy's mantra of 'Discipline with Dignity.' 


When students accumulate a certain amount of single values or cumulative values they are awarded with physical badges to place upon their academy blazer on their lapels. This captures and ensures students achievements are recognised, rewarded and displayed with pride and place upon our students uniform.

D w D.png

Commitment – showing commitment to work, the academy, stakeholders, the community and themselves 

Endeavour – striving to achieve, reach or succeed with any given task, activity or purpose 

Aspiration – showing a great degree of ambition or hope to achieve something 

Collaboration – working with other stakeholders of the academy to achieve targets, goals or set tasks 

Honesty – being honest and truthful in their approach when representing the academy 

Integrity – showing and reflecting strong moral principles that work in tandem with honesty 

Trust – creating a form of trust between themselves and other stakeholders by being reliable and consistent 

Accountability – standing up and taking responsibility for actions that they are accountable for within the academy 


To ensure you can download and view your child's badges, please use the QR code for Satchel One below where you will be directed to download the application for your mobile phone.

satchel one.png

All stakeholders actively have a role to play in ensuring that rewarding key values within our students are recognised, rewarded and worn by our students of Plume, Maldon's Community Academy.

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