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THE LAIC (Learning And Information Centre)

The LAIC offers many useful facilities to students to enhance and develop learning. There will always be a Library Assistant available who will be happy to assist with any questions students may have.


Library - Up to a maximum of four books for a period of two weeks can be borrowed free of charge, and there is a broad range of fiction for all abilities from many different genres. There is a large selection of non-fiction books as well as a reference section. We also have a wide range of fiction and non-fiction Accelerated Reader books within the LAIC. DVDs and audiobooks are available for overnight loans, again free of charge.


Computer Area - 15 computers are available for students to use at break and lunchtimes for homework and schoolwork only. There is also the facility for both colour and black and white printing.


Students - are allowed into the LAIC at break time and lunchtime to take out books and there is a selection of general browser books, newspapers and magazines. In addition, students can play games such as Chess and Uno. There is a small stationery shop within the LAIC, which is useful for purchasing essential items (cash only).


Book Group - a very active and well-attended weekly ‘Book Group’ takes place on Monday lunchtime (MRC) and Thursday lunchtime (FRC). Students can eat their lunch at Book Group and it is a vibrant social club incorporating many enjoyable and interesting activities.


Breakfast Club - this takes place every day from 8.00 am, however, students are asked to sign in upon arrival.


Homework Club - this takes place on Tuesday (MRC) and Thursday (FRC) after school. Students can do homework (with staff support), use computers, print, take out books that are appropriate to the work, and also have a drink and biscuit together before leaving.



Meet the staff:

LAIC Supervisor

Mrs Symons

LAIC Assistants

Mrs Gaskin, Mrs Rowland

Accelerated Reading

Congratulations to all our Accelerated Reader millionaires, these students have, during their time here in the Academy, shown us they have a love for reading, books and the LAIC.

During their English lessons they have completed quizzes for the books they have read which also calculates the word count of these books. This is a programme to encourage reading in young people in schools called Accelerated Reading (AR)

All students who achieve a million words, or more, receive a certificate and badge reflecting the number of words they have read.

We are very proud of them all.



Freya Hanley

Mia Scott

Troy Jared

Evan Quilter

Harrison English

Thasnim Khalil

Amy Maclachlan

Lucy Wells

Michael Qiu

Archie Jones

Jessica McBride

Emily Connolly

Thomas Crockford-Turvey

Freddie Diddams

Olivia Hanley

Amelia Cook

Sofia Harrison

Verity Williamson

Charlotte Goodall

Amber Potts

Evie Thorneloe

Annabella Sams

Amy Stannard

Luke Robinson

Chelsea Claydon

Poppy Slater

Fathema Alimah 

Ava Hart 

Charlie Baldwin 

Sophia Brookes 

Eli Mann 

Double Millionaires

Corin MacAllen

Jake Brown

Poppy Adams

Robyn Kennelly

Sienna Thomas


Triple Millionaires

Aaron Smith

Nathan Smith

Quadruple Millionaires

Aoife Wainman

Quintuple Millionaires

Naomi Mayhew

Eliza Wheeler

Sextuple Millionaires

Septuple Millionaires

Octuple Millionaires

Nonuple Millionaires

Decuple Millionaires

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