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Student Wellbeing Ambassadors

Student Wellbeing Ambassador Programme

What is the SWAP?

We all want the same thing – happy and successful students. The evidence is clear in that when you teach students about wellbeing, it not only improves their wellbeing, it also improves their academic performance. There is also clear evidence that the people students are most influenced by when it comes to sustained behaviour change, are other students – their peers. This forms the basis of the SWAP and is designed to train a group of students in the psychology of wellbeing whilst providing them with the tools to influence their peers to effect culture-wide behaviour change for improved wellbeing.

The structure of SWAP is based on the ‘learn it, live it, teach it’ method where students learn about the psychology of wellbeing from videos, key research and quizzes. The course also has its own app and worksheet downloads to help students embed the ideas into their daily life then they run six campaigns to spread wellbeing messages to their peers.

Introduction Video Link :

There is a free app which supports the SWAP. It is not needed to complete the course, but students are invited to use it if they think it might help them to build the techniques into their everyday life. It also includes a comprehensive list of mental health support agencies. You can find the app by searching for WellSenz on the App Store or Google Play.

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