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British Values

At Plume, Maldon's Community Academy, we value our students Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development as importantly as any other aspect of their education. As well as through quality first teaching, this is also delivered through a bespoke, detailed and robust Personal Development curriculum, along with themed assemblies, enrichment activities, events led by external providers, drop-down days and extra-curricular clubs. Through these we support our students to become as prepared as possible for adult life as active citizens in modern Britain.  Central to this approach is our desire to ensure we look after ourselves, our academy and our community as well as each other. Through this ‘Discipline with Dignity’ approach, we are able to support the promotion of fundamental British Values thus ensuring our students fully respect all members of the academy and local community regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality or religion.


Plume Academy also remains fully committed to working closely and in harmony with its diverse local, national and international community. We aim to prepare students for life in modern world and to ensure that our school ethos, curriculum and approaches to teaching and learning continue to reflect and promote core British Values. We recognise these values are not exclusive to simply being British, however, and that they have come to be accepted throughout the democratic world as the method of creating an orderly society in which individual members can feel safe, valued and can contribute to for the good of themselves and others.​


We work alongside our local community and recognise the variety beliefs that people have within it. Students take part in local events and meet different members of the community to appreciate the valuable contributions they make.  All faculty areas are also aware of the importance of transmitting British Values through their curriculum content.


Furthermore, we take opportunities to:

• acknowledge, celebrate and commemorate national events and anniversaries related to key events in Britain’s past;

• join in with international sporting events and find out more about the countries that host them;

• support a number of local and national charities that are selected by the students and arrange fundraising events; and

• Invite members of the local community to our school events.


We understand the role that our school has in helping prevent radicalisation and supporting our students in developing a world view, recognising Britain’s place within it.


The five British values are:

• Democracy

• The rule of law

• Individual liberty

• Mutual respect

• Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.


Below we include more details about how each British value is embedded in our school.

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