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Student Leadership Process

Plume Academy Student Leadership Team 2022-23

During the final few weeks of the Autumn 1 half term, many of the academy’s students applied for the prestigious role of Student Leader for their Year Group.  Students completed an application that highlighted their skills and passions, stating why they would be suitable member of the Student Leadership Team.

The quality of these applications led to extremely hard decisions being made across all year groups, following the initial shortlisting that was completed by the Heads and Assistant Heads of Year. The candidates then went through a rigorous interview process.  The high quality applications that were received across all year groups did not go unnoticed and all those that applied were congratulated for their fantastic efforts.

The College Student Leadership Team found it extremely difficult to separate the four students in each of the Year Groups.  They commented on the maturity of the responses and the clarity of their ideas.  This was then backed up with clear views and forward thinking ideas on how to involve the student voice within academy policy and everyday life.

Our student leaders will now have a chance to discuss academy policies and initiatives that will benefit student learning and experience on a regular basis.  The student leaders will make up our Executive Academy Student Council and will meet every half term to debate ideas brought to them by their peers in their Year Groups.

Year 7.JPG

Year 7 Lead Students

Harry Mason        Scarlett Davis

Year 7 Deputy Lead Students

Alex Sage             Marek Iaros



Year 9.JPG

Year 9 Lead Students

Aaron Smith        Ella Priest

Year 9 Deputy Lead Students

Lucas Caxton             Abi Stannard

Year 8.JPG

Year 8 Lead Students

Lexie Taylor        Grace Springett

Year 8 Deputy Lead Students

Joe Gray             Evie Thorneloe



Year 10.JPG

Year 10 Lead Students

Nicole Kaczynska         Freddie Payne  

Year 10 Deputy Lead Students

Matthew Tachauer         Amelie Meadowcroft  

Year 11.JPG

Year 11 Lead Students

Ella Mansfield          Maria-Carmen Lonergan  

Year 11 Deputy Lead Students

Ollie Street          Hannah Stubbings 

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