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Plume College Results

Post-16 Press Release – Thursday 17 August 2023

An Outstanding set of Examinations Results!

Plume, Maldon’s Community Academy, is, once again, celebrating superb post-16 examination results which very much reflect the hard work and tremendous commitment shown by our students’ and staff over the course of the past two years. This is especially the case given the fact that they had to endure such a disruptive first year of their respective programmes due to the COVID-19 pandemic – a period that also massively affected their entire two-year GCSE lessons and courses.

Our Year 13 post-16 results show that the academy secured improved outcomes in a number of areas including a virtually perfect overall A*-E pass rate and a superb A*-C pass rate, including 15 A*s. Of the 24 A Level subjects we currently offer at post 16, only one did not achieve a 100% pass rate, and in all seven non-A Level subjects, the pass rate was a remarkable 100%.

Understandably, we are immensely proud in terms of how well our College students have performed, especially when taking into consideration, and as previously mentioned, the resilience they had to show not just during their post-16 courses but for their entire GCSE programme too.

It is also extremely important to note that Plume Academy continued to offer an extremely broad, rich and varied choice of courses with the bespoke needs of every student at the forefront of the ongoing high-quality information, advice and guidance provided to them.


As a direct result, and despite the aforementioned challenges, many of our students have surpassed their target grades and the increases highlighted above provide direct evidence to support this.

Furthermore, the usual high number of students have applied for a place at university, with significant numbers applying for, and subsequently securing places at, the highly sought after and prestigious ‘Russell Group’ universities.

We are also absolutely delighted that every single student who applied to go to university has secured a place with the vast majority being at their first choice.

Our top Year 13 achievers this year are:

Emily Rose                             Mathematics                                                        A*

                                                Physics                                                                 A

                                                French                                                                  A

Post 18 Destination:              University of Lancaster to study Physics

Edward Vale                          Computer Science                                               A

                                                History                                                                  A

                                                Physics                                                                 A

                                                Extended Project                                                 A*

Post 18 Destination:              University of Lancaster to study Computer Science


Abigail Wilkins                       IT                                                                          Distinction*Distinction*

                                                Dance                                                                   Distinction*

                                                Business                                                               B

Post 18 Destination:               London South Bank University to study Baking Science and Technology.

Liam Wingrove                       Sport                                                                    Distinction*Distinction*

                                                English Language                                               B

                                                Media Studies                                                     B

Post 18 Destination:               University Campus of Football Business (UCFB) to study Multimedia Sports Journalism


Charlotte Beattie                   Media Studies                                                    A*

                                                English Literature                                              A

                                                History                                                                A

Post 18 Destination:               University of Bath Spa to student English Literature and Media Communications



Charlie Freeman                    Mathematics                                                       A*

                                                Chemistry                                                            A

                                                Physics                                                                A

Post 18 Destination:               Employment

Georgia Tear                          Psychology                                                         A*

                                                English Literature                                               A

                                                Spanish                                                               A

Post 18 Destination:               University of Bath to study Psychology

Matthew Salerno                   Criminology                                                        A*

                                                IT                                                                         Distinction*

                                                Extended Project                                              A

                                                History                                                               B

Post 18 Destination:               University of Nottingham to study Ancient History.



Bobby Priest                          Biology                                                               A

                                                Geography                                                         A

                                                Media Studies                                                    A

Post 18 Destination:               University of Nottingham to study Film and Television Studies



Rocc Madden                         Product Design                                                  A*

                                                Business                                                             Distinction*

                                                Media Studies                                                    B

Post 18 Destination:               Employment


Cameron Smith                    Law                                                                     A*

                                                English Language                                              A

                                                History                                                                B

Post 18 Destination:              University of Sheffield to study Law.

Carl Wakefield, the outgoing Executive Principal of Plume Academy, said, “I am exceptionally proud of the results achieved by our College students this year, particularly given the massively disruptive period they have had to work through and the unrelenting resilience they have had to show.”


“I am also extremely pleased that virtually all of our Year 13 students have secured their first choice university place, with a number also securing high quality apprenticeships at reputable organisations both locally as well as in the city of London.”


The results achieved by our Year 12 cohort were also excellent and only bode well for next summer.”


He added “The bottom line is that all of this cannot happen without a huge amount of hard work being put in by our students whilst working in collaboration with a fully committed and highly skilled team of staff, who have also been phenomenal throughout the past four years. When combined with the support provided by our students’ parents and carers, it is clear to see as to why we have achieved such an outstanding set of outcomes.”


“It has been an absolute privilege to work alongside them all and I am immensely proud as to what they have secured as a collective. I wish them a bright, happy and ultimately, successful future.”


John Hallam, the academy’s post-16 lead and Assistant Vice Principal added, “I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate our fantastic College students on an excellent set of results.

It’s been wonderful to witness so many delighted students collecting results at the academy this morning, and it's great to see so many students securing the outcomes that will enable them to progress onto their first-choice university, college or apprenticeship.”


Mr Hallam continued, “As an academy, we are exceptionally proud of the achievements of our post-16 students and, as this area’s senior leader for Plume College, it has been a privilege to work alongside staff, parents and carers to ensure that all of our students achieve their very best.”


Mr Hallam finished by stating, “I would like to wish all of our Year 13 leavers the best of luck as they progress to university, college, apprenticeships or employment and thank them for their hard work and commitment during their time at Plume Academy.“ 

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