Plume College Results

A Year to be Particularly Proud of!

Due to the unprecedented circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past six months, the formal examinations due to be sat by Years 11, 12 and 13 students were cancelled without notice. As a direct result, the tremendous prior efforts and significant amount of hard work already undertaken left students, their families and staff at Plume Academy as well as secondary schools throughout the Mid-Essex feeling absolutely devastated. 


Whilst the academy, every Mid-Essex secondary school and schools the length and breadth of the country adopted a meticulous approach over a 10 week period to produce their own Centre Assessed Grades, ultimately, the examination boards applied their own calculations to generate final student grades in each of their subjects.  Therefore, none of the usual benchmark data or any usual comparisons between schools has any validity whatsoever this year.


Sitting examinations in the age-old established manner would have been stressful enough for these young people, however, losing the chance to prove what they could achieve left many extremely upset. Nevertheless, and despite these significant and somewhat unique challenges, the Plume Family congratulate all of our own as well as students from across the district and county for what they have still achieved and wish them every success as they progress onto the next stage of their education, employment or training.


Top performing students at the Plume Academy were:


  • Molly Lacey who secured an A* in Psychology, an A* in the Extended Project Qualification, an A in English Language and a B in Chemistry

  • George Hendry who secured an A* in Maths, an A in Chemistry, an A in Physics, an A in History and an A grade at AS in Further Maths

  • Isabel Emmett who secured an A in Chemistry, an A in Maths, a B in Biology and an A grade at AS in Further Maths

  • Beth Evans who secured an A in Biology, an A in Psychology, a B in Chemistry and a C in English Language


We were also particularly delighted with the outcomes in the following subject areas with well over 50% of grades at A*-B in: Art and Design: Fine Art, Art and Design: Photography, Chemistry, Philosophy, Physical Education, Spanish and BTEC Sport and Dance.


25% plus of the grades in seven other subject areas were also graded at A*-A with a number of other subjects securing both pleasing and somewhat impressive grades.


The vast majority of our Year 13 students also secured the grades to progress onto their first choice university, into apprenticeships as well as into provisionally offered employment.


Carl Wakefield, Principal of Plume Academy said, “First of all, it was absolutely fantastic to see so many of our College students after not doing so since March and as expected, they conducted themselves in their usual dignified, mature, sensible and articulate manner. This was especially impressive in light of the unprecedented period that saw their right to actually finish their respective courses and sit their examinations withdrawn, plus the recent events in Scotland and the 11th hour ‘triple lock’ debacle.”


“Whilst the vast majority have automatically secured what they need to progress onto the next stage of their education, employment or training, there were a number whose grades we will be looking at appealing once the Government fully clarify as to how we can pursue this whilst potentially incorporating their mock examination outcomes. We will be doing this as it is imperative that all of our students fully secure what they worked so hard to achieve as well as what they deserve. It is also what the Secretary of State for Education and the Prime Minister himself have promised since the day the examinations were cancelled without notice and the bottom line is that they need to fulfil these promises”.


“I will conclude by saying how immensely proud I am of not only this fantastic cohort of students, but also our tremendous team of staff who have also worked so hard and in collaboration with them throughout their post 16 journey. They too are a credit to themselves as are our students’ families who throughout both the course as well as the lockdown period have been nothing but positive and supportive and for this, I thank them sincerely”.