Staff Contacts

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Faculty & Subject Leaders

English Faculty Leader - Mrs G Wills

Maths Faculty Leader - Mrs N Hopkins

Science Faculty Leader - Ms L Cox

Social Sciences Faculty Leader - Mr P Carlsson

Geography Subject Leader - Mr A McCarthy

History Subject Leader - Mr M Springett

Business, Computing & ICT Faculty Leader - Mr R Howlett

Religious Education Subject Leader - Mrs A Jupp

Modern Foreign Languages Faculty Leader - Mrs S Rimbaut

Expressive Arts Faculty Leader & Music Subject lead Mrs P Adams

Art Subject Lead - Mr K Flower

Dance Subject Leader - Mrs N Markham-Lee

Digital Media Subject Leader Mrs P Adams

Physical Education Faculty Leader - Mr J Ainscough

Flexible Learning Faculty Leader - Mr E Harris

Technology Faculty Leader - Mr M Adams

Drama Subject Lead - Miss A Weller

BTEC Media Subject Lead - Mrs Melanie West

SEND Faculty Leader Mrs O Bamigbele

PE Emergency Contact - 07919 624444