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Plume Academy is an inclusive school, committed to providing all students,

including those with special educational needs and disabilities, access to an ambitious range of academic and enrichment opportunities.  Our first response to overcome barriers to learning is through universal high-quality teaching and appropriate differentiation, further complemented by specialist guidance and support designed to meet individual needs and aspirations.


Students are inspired to develop into confident young people, adequately equipped and prepared, academically, socially and emotionally for life in a modern, diverse society through a supportive and nurturing environment sustained through coordinated partnership with all stakeholders.


The SEND team support preparation, delivery and assessment of teaching and learning, by gathering and sharing information to provide guidance and strategies to overcome potential barriers, so that all students can engage effectively, retain knowledge, develop and apply skills, enjoy learning and grow in confidence.


Alongside additional staff support in designated lessons, supplementary and alternative programmes of study and interventions are offered to complement the curriculum, enhancing or reinforcing learning.  Maintaining positive student wellbeing, including emotional, social and mental health, is an essential ingredient in development and progress, a range of support mechanisms and tools are employed to aid student welfare, including quiet rooms, emotional literacy and social skills provision.

Students who receive targeted SEND support which is ‘additional to or different from’ the universal offer at Plume Academy have individual strategies documented on a One Page Profile and regular ‘One Planning’ meetings will be held to review targets and strategies. 

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More information about how students of Plume Academy are supported can be found by clicking on the links below.  If you have any questions or queries, or would like to give us feedback on the SEND information on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The SEND Code of Practice (January 2015) identifies four broad areas of Special Educational Needs:


We deliver a variety of tailored interventions to assist the students’ wider learning. We work closely with key departments and the pastoral team to identify areas of support required and organise relevant, targeted and successful interventions. Under the Literacy umbrella we deliver interventions in areas such as: reading, phonics, handwriting, typing skills, speech and language, spelling and reading comprehension. For Numeracy support we deliver specific interventions covering all aspects of maths from basic time skills to algebra. Our Social, Emotional and Mental Health area covers a huge range of social skills including self-esteem, self-confidence, friendships and emotions.


Our interventions either take place during Learning Group time in the morning or are integrated into lesson time. The sessions are delivered in one to one or in small group settings, allowing your child to fully engage and benefit from this specialist support.

Breakfast Hub

A morning intervention that provides an opportunity for students to ‘check in’ with key members of staff, take part in mindfulness crafts/activities and have some breakfast. This intervention seeks to prepare students to positively face the day ahead.


A range of interventions delivered by our Senior LSA for Literacy. These include reading comprehension, fluency, recall, spelling, handwriting, typing and more. Interventions can be 1:1 or as a group, depending on student need.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH)

A range of interventions delivered by our Senior LSA for SEMH. These include social skills, positive me, zones of regulation, social stories and more. Interventions can be 1:1 or as a group, depending on student need.

SEND Interventions at Plume Academy

Speech and Language

A range of interventions delivered by our Senior LSA for Literacy. This can include sentence structure, word recognition, recall and comprehension, phonics and more. Interventions can be 1:1 or as a group, depending on student need.

Reading Recovery

An intervention led by LSAs and trained College students to boost students’ skills and confidence in reading whilst nurturing a love for reading and literacy. Delivered in small groups.

Year 11 Focus Group

An intervention delivered by Senior LSAs for Literacy and Numeracy, providing students with key skills and strategies for approaching their exams and covering key information relevant to Maths and English examinations.

Who do I contact if I have a SEND enquiry? 

If you have a query relating to students in Years 7- 8, please liaise with Mrs Farmer (MRC SEND Campus Manager) or alternatively for queries relating to students in Years 9-13, please liaise with Mrs Archer (FRC SEND Campus Manager). 


Mrs Farmer MRC SEND Campus Manager        01621 854681

Mrs Archer FRC SEND Campus Manager          01621 854681


SEND Operational Leadership: 

Mrs. A. Saddington                      Trainee SENDCo

Mrs. J. Tovey                                Trainee SENDCo

Mrs. S. Archer                               2/ic & FRC SEND Campus Manager 

Mrs. J. Farmer                               MRC SEND Campus Manager 

Mrs. A. Stansfield                          SEND Strategic Paperwork Manager 

Mr. G. Chapman                            EAL Coordinator and Teacher of SEND 

Mrs. K. Smith                                 LSA Facilitator 

Mrs N. Timson                               PNI Lead 


Learning Support Assistants: 

Mr. T. Brooks, Miss E. Booth, Mrs. H. Morrell, Ms. K. Samuels, Miss C. Tompkins, Miss C. Verrall 


Personal Care Teaching Assistants: 

Mrs. M. Clover, Mrs. M. Cooke, Miss P. Kirkham, Mrs. V. Pitt


SEND Administration: 

Mr. E. Harris                                    SEND Intervention Lead and SENDCo

Mrs. H. Hills                                    SENDCo

Working closely with external agencies 

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with a wide range of external agencies such as Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, outreach support services such as YMCA, Autism Anglia, Travel Training, IAG, Families in Focus and Occupational Therapists. Together we work hard to offer the best support for your child. 

Useful Information

SEND Information Evening

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