Communicating with your World

Creating with Language

Connecting with your Culture

English empowers you!


The design of the English curriculum at Plume, Maldon's Community Academy is about providing choice and opportunity for progression so that the student benefits in the long term.  We pride ourselves in knowing our students and supporting them in reaching their full potential to enable them to move onto the next stage of their lives.


Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development of Students

In the English Faculty, we develop students Socially by:

Developing personal qualities and using social skills

Participating, co-operating and resolving conflicts

Understanding how communities and societies function


We develop students Morally by:

Developing and expressing personal views or values.

Investigating moral values and ethical issues.

Moral codes and models of moral virtue.

Recognising right and wrong and applying it.

Understanding the consequences of actions.


We develop students Spiritually by:

Developing personal values and beliefs

Experiencing fascination, awe and wonder

Exploring the values and beliefs of others

Understanding human feelings and emotions

Using imagination and creativity in learning


We develop students Culturally by:

Exploring, understanding and respecting diversity

Participating and responding to cultural activities

Understanding and appreciating cultural influences


How do we adapt our curriculum in English for students with SEND?

The English Faculty offers a range of differentiated pathways at KS3 and KS4.