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Inclusion English as an Additional Language

Plume Academy is an inclusive school, committed to providing the best possible education for students from all backgrounds, including those who come from a different country, speak different languages or engage with a different culture in their life outside of school. We are keen to embrace diversity and celebrate international culture, not only with our EAL pupils but with all pupils in the academy.


EAL pupils are warmly welcomed and a bespoke framework of support is created for any pupil who needs it, right from day they start at Plume Academy. We have a committed team that includes the Head of Year, Assistant Year and EAL Lead who are available to support pupils and parents on a daily basis. The EAL Lead will also update and discuss support inside and outside of the classroom with other members of staff to ensure that we understand the needs of our EAL pupils, so that the best level of support can be provided throughout the school day and throughout their time at Plume.


For example, we help some EAL pupils to make friends and socialise through a buddy system or through participation in extra-curricular activities. Recently we helped one pupil to join a local football team and arranged for another pupil to demonstrate his baking skills to his peers. Teachers plan their lessons with the needs of EAL pupils in mind, to help them participate in lessons as much as possible.


We do our very best to ensure that all of our EAL pupils are happy around school and supported to develop their English language ability, as well as accessing the curriculum. At times we are able to adapt timetables and even provide target intervention sessions to support those with the highest levels of need. The EAL Lead will monitor student progress with English acquisition and update targets accordingly. Support will also be provided to help EAL pupils make the right decisions regarding further education and employment by working closely with our Exams Officers and CEAIG team.


For some pupils, just an occasional check in is required, but other pupils require more direct support. We work closely with parents and external agencies to support pupils throughout their time at school. We can arrange for translators to support in meetings and for cultural needs to be met. We arrange parent meetings when necessary and listen to pupils to build EAL ‘One Page Profiles’ that are routinely updated and shared with teachers. We can sometimes accommodate pupils to sit language exams in their native language or take alternative qualifications when their English level makes it challenging for them to access GCSE examinations.


Overall, our pupils who arrive from overseas or speak English as an additional language feel welcome at Plume Academy. All of our pupils appreciate international diversity and opportunities to learn upon it that are woven into the fabric of our curriculum. We continue to strive to help EAL pupils to feel empowered to maintain their own language and culture whilst tackling the challenges of British language, culture and curriculum head on. 

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