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Gifted and Talented Programme

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Gifted and Talented in Sport Education Programme is a strategy designed to support up and coming Athletes at The Plume Academy. The students of The Academy Gifted and Talented scheme have been identified as someone who plays sport to a high level and will be mentored into understanding how to balance the demands of school, sport and home life.

Key Stage 4 students will meet as a group on a regular basis (formally twice per term) to share experiences and ideas for coping and dealing with being a talented young person. Key Stage 3&4 students will also be assigned a staff mentor if needed, to provide one to one support if and when required (on an informal basis).

In meetings students will outline their priorities for Sport and Education and look at how they will achieve these. Students will also look at managing training, the demands of school work and planning of their competition schedule so that you may achieve in both sport and education. In addition to this we also plan to run workshops, for example:

- Diet & Nutrition

-Coping with the demands of competition

-Sports Injuries

- Dealing with Dehydration


Who is it for?

Plume Academy aims to support talented young sports people. Performers at this level have huge commitments in terms of time spent training/competing and as result pressures can build causing significant issues that could be detrimental to their sport, their school and social lives.


Additional Support

The Gifted and Talented in Sport’ Education and Support Programme at The Plume Academy also aims to inspire students to keep pushing to achieve their goals and to realise there will be many challenges to overcome. To do this we will also aim to invite current and previous athletes to talk to students to give advice, support and encouragement.

Gifted & Talented Cohort 2023-24 is currently being updated and will appear here shortly (September 2023)

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