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Plume Pride

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Student Voice Plume Pride

Plume, Maldon's Community Academy has a well-established student led LGBT+ Plume Pride Group. This is a safe space for students to discuss LGBT+ issues, campaign for change and celebrate differences. Weekly Plume Pride meeting are held over lunchtimes and special Webinars are delivered by our Pride Student Leads. Plume Pride has its own designated Microsoft Team, which is available to all students for meeting planning, support and sharing topical news.


How the group runs is very much led by our students, but its aims are clear: 

  • Helps the LBGT+ students in our academy and college feel supported, accepted, and included.

  • Supports anti-bullying policies by offering LGBT+ students the space to share their experiences.

  • Demonstrates that our academy is commitment to diversity, acceptance and tolerance to staff, parents, and students, whether LGBT+ or not.


There are very clear benefits for the group's members too:

  • It builds confidence and self-esteem  

  • It nurtures advocacy skills and encourages students to step up, take responsibility and lead.

What we can achieve as a Pride group is limitless, fundraising events, role model guest speakers, championing change within our local and national communities. We can really make a difference! If you are a Plume student and are interested in joining, please do come along to out weekly meetings which are held at both MRC & FRC. If you would like more information then please email  or Click here to join

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