Plume, Maldon's Community Academy is committed to providing a stimulating, supportive and mutually respectful environment.

At the heart of our vision is a strong work ethic where every student is entitled to enjoy the best education and to celebrate their own achievements and those of others.

Plume, Maldon's Community Academy aims to empower our students to reach their academic and personal potential, becoming articulate, confident, independent and resilient individuals.  They are encouraged to develop the resourcefulness to embrace the challenges of the future, to lead fulfilling lives and to flourish in society.

Year 11 Leavers Assembly

Thank you and well done Year 11 - Class 2015-20

A Message for our Students who we miss Greatly

Plume School Choir Reunion

Mr Stoneman - FRC Lead

Assembly for Year 9-11  Thursday 9 April 2020

Mrs Everett - MRC Lead - Year 6 and 7 Assembly  Friday 15 May 2020

Mr Jackson - Head of Year 9

Assembly  Friday 15 May 2020

Mrs Everett - MRC Lead

Assembly for Year 7-8  Thursday 9 April 2020

Mr Meadows - Head of Year 8

Assembly  Friday 15 May 2020

Mr Rose - Head of Year 10

Assembly  Friday 15 May 2020

VE Day

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1 May 2020   
Dear Parent and Carers  

Re: Appointment of Executive Principal  


I am delighted to confirm that following advertisement of an Executive Principal role in March 2020, Mr Carl Wakefield has been successfully appointed into the Executive Principal role at Plume Academy and will be taking up his elevated and strategic role from 1 September 2020. This enhanced role will lead on whole academy strategic development matters, finance, staffing and the direct line management of a new Head of Academy role with whom he will work closely with. I want to re-assure you that Mr Wakefield will continue to have direct involvement and engagement with the day to day running of the academy, alongside his additional strategic development responsibilities.  

You will all be aware that Maldon and the surrounding local communities are growing as a direct result of multiple new housing developments. With this very much in mind, Plume Academy is responding to what will be a period of significant expansion in terms of size, facilities and student numbers. In turn, this will provide both exciting opportunities but also challenges to overcome of course too in terms of the development as well as the running of the academy. Looking beyond the Coronavirus crisis, and whatever the new normal brings, Plume Academy’s vision and ambition continues unabated to provide a stimulating, supportive and mutually respectful environment, where students enjoy the best education possible, empowering them to reach their academic and personal potential so they can embrace the challenges of the future and to lead fulfilling lives.  

Mr Wakefield will be leading this strategic development, supported by the leadership team, and committed teaching and support staff, and overseen by the Board of Trustees. The Executive Principal will provide effective professional leadership, developing and promoting a shared vision and strategic plan, further instilling a culture that focusses on excellence, equality and high expectations for all Plume students, staff and other stakeholders. I have absolute confidence that Mr Wakefield, with the support of the Senior Leadership Team, and the dedicated and professional team of Plume Academy staff will deliver on this challenge as he and the academy continue to demonstrate every day.  

The Trustees look forward to continuing to work with Mr Wakefield, the leadership team, and all teaching and support staff over the coming months and years as we take Plume Academy into the next phase of its development, further embedding the academy into the life of the community and whilst aiming to deliver an outstanding education for all local young people while overseeing ambitious capital expansion plans at the same time.   
Finally, the last few weeks have been enormously challenging for society and all of us as we come to terms with the Coronavirus pandemic and its far-reaching impact on all our lives. Through this, Plume Academy, led by Mr Wakefield, his dedicated teaching and support staff, have done their immense best to adapt and do what is right for students, their families and the local community. No doubt these challenges will continue as we emerge from lockdown to a society that will be fundamentally different to that we knew only a few months ago. I would like to thank you all for the support, patience and encouragement you have provided to the academy and students in these troubling times.


Best wishes   
Paul Nagle

Board of Trustees 

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