Plume Alumni describes anyone who has been connected with the school either as a student or member of staff. We would strongly encourage you to register as an Alumni….Why?

Quite simply you have a story to tell, a story which may inspire and encourage our present students or perhaps open up different learning or career opportunities. You may have expertise to share or skills to pass on. You may wish to establish connections, get involved again with the academy and somehow “give back”.

We have welcomed back ex-students to talk to individuals and small groups, to help deliver workshops, to offer advice with option choices, to visit after school sports clubs and deliver assemblies.

Perhaps it has been years since you left school? You may be at a different stage in your life? You may be living in a different part of the country, or possibly even overseas.

There are so many reasons why it would be good for you to want to keep in touch with us? You may have advice that you can pass on regarding which college or university you planned to go to. We can help current students moving on find the career-path, which is right for them, providing an educational role model as a mentor.

A growing number of Alumni are helping current students with work experience and work shadowing opportunities. They attend careers events and are keen to promote their chosen industry/business sector and their company. Others act as mentors and many of those further afield are happy to allow us to make reference to their onward journey from Plume and their subsequent achievements (some are even happy to send a photo for our gallery!

How Can I Get Involved?

Very easily…….. Register and you will be able to let us know the level of involvement you are happy with, from just receiving news updates to being actively involved in the educational pathways of our students.

We would encourage those of you who have well established social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) to forward on the link here so as to include as many of our Plume Family as possible

Please use the link below to register as a Plume Alumni

Register Here

Please Contact Us

Feel free to contact us regarding any queries you may have about Alumni or registration

Plume Alumni Administrators

Mr B Collen -

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Plume, Maldon's Community Academy

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