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Plume, Maldon's Community Academy

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Plume, Maldon's Community Academy is committed to providing a stimulating, supportive and mutually respectful environment.

At the heart of our vision is a strong work ethic where every student is entitled to enjoy the best education and to celebrate their own achievements and those of others.

Plume, Maldon's Community Academy aims to empower our students to reach their academic and personal potential, becoming articulate, confident, independent and resilient individuals.  They are encouraged to develop the resourcefulness to embrace the challenges of the future, to lead fulfilling lives and to flourish in society.

Mr Wakefield's Assembly to all Academy Stakeholders - Friday 3 April 2020

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31 March 2020


Dear Parents and Carers


Re: Some Further Points to Note


First of all, I sincerely hope this correspondence finds the families of our academy well.


Secondly, at your convenience, could you please take a few minutes to read as well as take note of the following points:


  • As a direct result of a further 60+ of my colleagues in addition to the near 100 who have already volunteered their services thus far, our Mill Road Campus will remain open for the majority of the Easter break. This is so we can continue to support any of our parents and carers who are ‘key workers’ who cannot find alternative childcare for their children during the regular working day.

  • Whilst we will remain open during the Easter holiday, this will not be over the Bank Holiday Weekend and the academy will fully close at 3:10pm on Thursday 9 April. It will reopen again at 8:00am on Tuesday 14 April. This is so as to ensure a number of key staff who have been working round-the-clock throughout this challenging period can secure their own rest and recuperation and in doing so, remain active and effective in their vitally important roles for the duration of what is looking like a lengthy closure.

  • This means that work will continue to be set over the Easter holiday via Show My Homework, as well as via the academy’s email account which can also continue to be used for any questions that you or our students may have regarding any work set. However, whilst some of the work may ask for associated printing, please, there is absolutely no expectation for this to be done if you do not have the facility or funding to do so.

  • Staff will endeavour to remain operational between the hours of 8:30am – 3:10pm on weekdays as much as they possibly can and subject to them remaining well or needing to look after their own families or loved ones.


Four further points to note and for your information:


  • As of last week, the vast majority of our free school meal families have been in receipt of e-vouchers. After a very brief discussion during our latest conference call yesterday morning, the full Senior Leadership Team unanimously agreed to continue this over the Easter holiday as morally, and in such challenging times for many of our families, there was no other decision to make really. However, if your child is entitled to a free school meal and you have not received any notification about this as of yet despite our emails and texts being sent out to all contact details we have, please contact Mr Scott, our Director of Finance and Estates, via who will swiftly arrange this for you as well as backdate it to 23 March 2020 as well.

  • In terms of news on the GCSE, AS and A level front, whilst we have had information hinting about what may well be happening, we have yet to hear or receive anything definitive. However, an email from Mark Bedlow, Chief Executive of AQA, received late last Friday afternoon clearly stated this is highly likely to come this week at some point. Therefore, and again, once we have received this, the plan will be for the academy’s full Senior Leadership Team to conduct a further conference call, discuss the matter at length, devise the necessary plan and then disseminate it to staff, parents, carers and our students themselves as soon as possible.

  • Literally hundreds of phone calls have been made to students who are deemed to be our most vulnerable throughout last week and from a core team of staff. I have thanked those colleagues on our behalf whilst also stating that such important work should never be underestimated, especially as the closure period grows in length. Still, these phone calls, which have been well-received by many of you, will only continue until we reopen again.

  • At some point tomorrow, we will be gathering together equipment from the academy that will then be delivered to our frontline NHS staff that they can then use as personal protective equipment. I am immensely proud we will be contributing to such a massively important cause.


Finally, I know this remains a somewhat challenging period of time for you, our parents and carers. This is for many reasons of course and as we meander through these somewhat unprecedented and to a certain extent, surreal times. How things have worked and will work will differ in each home, for each family and on an almost daily basis, my own included I can assure you! However, the bottom line is that we’re all in unchartered waters at present and as I believe the academy’s stakeholders have done remarkably well thus far, we need to continue working together to find a way to successfully navigate our way through this period of time in our lives. Therefore, moving forward and looking ahead, there remains no pressure from me or my colleagues in terms of the work that is set and this I can assure you will remain the case until we are back to what is considered ‘normality’. We will simply keep setting it, keep the channels of communication open for any associated questions that need to be asked or queries raised, we will continue to make the calls to our families we feel are in need of extra support and fully respect and understand that whilst for some, a good few hours of home learning may have occurred for that particular day, for others, simply getting through the same 24 hours may be deemed as a monumental success!


Until we converse again, do take care of yourselves and your respective families and thank you once again for your support, considered input and tremendous efforts thus far. I can assure you it has been both noted as well as greatly appreciated and I have every faith it will only continue.


Yours sincerely



Mr C A Wakefield


Re: Latest Government Guidance on Key Workers

20 March 2020


Dear Parents and Carers


Re: Latest Government Guidance on Key Workers


In the early hours of this morning, the Government produced an up to date definitive list as to who is to be considered a ‘key worker’. This I know has already caused some confusion as well as some consternation amongst some parents and carers and after speaking with as well as engaging in email dialogue with a fair number of you already. However, in addition to the advice and guidance passed on to those with whom I have already conversed with, please access the link below to view this list in full and in essence, what are eight categorised areas from the working world:


However, there are some other very important points to note within the guidance two of which I feel it imperative to extract from the guidance and specifically refer to in this letter:


  1. If it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be - This is making direct reference to the increased emphasis on ‘social distancing’ so please do continue to note this clear input from the Government. However, and as I have stated previously through various correspondences, we will keep our Mill Road Campus open (from 8:30am-3:10pm) for as long as we possibly can during the closure so as to continue supporting those of you who have been identified as a key worker and who are not able to secure alternative childcare arrangements.

  2. Parents should also do everything they can to ensure children are not mixing socially in a way which can continue to spread the virus. They should observe the same social distancing principles as adults - As a fellow parent of two teenagers, this I know will be a challenging task in the days, weeks and perhaps even months ahead, however, and again, the Government’s increasing emphasis in relation to this is really important to note and act on as best as we all possibly can.


I genuinely hope this further correspondence proves to be of assistance to you, especially those parents and carers who were confused by this morning’s communication. For those of you who email or tweet through with further questions, I will endeavor to get to them as quickly as I possibly can, however, please note that this may not be at the same speed as normal at the present time. Therefore, please bear with me and I thank you in advance of your patience.


Finally, a further letter will be with you once I have secured as well as broken down the anticipated Governmental input on what will be happening with this year’s GCSEs and AS and A levels. This input is expected today after which I would endeavor to have a letter to you as soon as I could.


Yours sincerely



Mr C A Wakefield

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