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Online learning with Office 365: Guidance for parents and carers Microsoft Teams for Education

What does my child need to sign in to their Office 365 account?

Students can log into their school accounts at, where they’ll have access to Microsoft Teams, Outlook email, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and so much more. From this home base, students can open Office apps in their web browser.

Microsoft Teams can be accessed online or downloaded to a home or mobile device. Explore this quick-start guide that enables your student to get going with Teams right away.

How will my child communicate with their teachers and classmates?

Teams is an online classroom hub, where your student can chat with their whole class, in groups with other students, and one-on-one with their teachers. 

Each of your student’s classes gets its own team, which is set up by a teacher.

How does my child join a team? How do they know if they’re part of their class’ team?

To explore Teams and see the class teams they're in, your student can sign in to their school Office 365 account at and select the Teams app. Students will also receive an email notification when they've been added to a team.


How is my child’s communication and activity monitored in Teams?

Since Teams for Education is designed to serve as a digital classroom hub, it features many ways to support teachers in classroom management. Teachers can mute students who may add distracting or inappropriate messages to group discussions, and they can delete those unproductive messages entirely.

As a communication platform with specific features to support teaching and learning, Teams is a great opportunity for students to build and practice digital citizenship alongside their academic learning.


Where can my child access help on how to best use Microsoft Education tools?

Students have a help center made just for them! From covering the basics of using Teams all the way to project ideas, this student help center is all about showing students how they can leverage Office 365 for their learning, engagement, and creativity.

I do not have a webcam/microphone, can I still take part in a live lesson?

Yes, students can contribute via the chat facility should they wish.

Can I join a live lesson using a mobile device?

Yes, students can download the Teams App and use the link sent to access the lesson

Do I have to show my face/speak in a live lesson?

No. Students should have their cameras off unless directed otherwise and there is no expectation that you will have to speak.

What do I do if I am unable to join a live lesson?

The video will be uploaded for your team for you to review once the session is complete at a time that is best for you.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask via


Mrs C Pretty

Assistant Vice Principal

Whole Academy Virtual Remote Learning Programme Lead


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