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Expectations for Remote Learning

Discipline with Dignity Poster A3 final

As you will be aware, the academy has ratified policies that for a whole host of matters that in turn, allow us to work safely, collaboratively and respectfully with one another. These are expected to be fully adhered to whether we are in the academy or working remotely.

The Home School Agreement that all stakeholders sign when they join the academy continues to be the key focus in terms of how remote lessons function. Our underpinning mantra of ‘Discipline with Dignity’ remains central to all our policies and procedures as highlighted below:

In order for us to continue to uphold these aforementioned standards and expectations whilst specifically using Microsoft Teams, we also politely ask for your support in ensuring that our students fully adhere to the following guidelines:


  1. Parents and carers can help you set up your devices, but should not join any live lessons. 

  2. When the live online session is finished, the teacher will make it clear that you are to exit the meeting before they themselves leave. Please do not try to continue to chat to any classmates or friends after the lesson has finished.

  3. Live lessons will always take place through the secure platform, Microsoft Teams. When using this platform, logging in through your academy only email provides the security offered by our internal servers and associated systems.

  4. Microsoft Teams has the ability to customise the screen settings by either blurring the background or loading a static picture. Please blur or set your background to an appropriate static picture at the beginning of each lesson. 

  5. Please use the ‘Join meeting’ icon to enter the lesson at the start of the timetabled slot.  Where you are unable to do so, a recording of the lesson will be made available for you to complete your learning at a later point either via Show My Homework or the academy’s email system.

  6. Turn off your camera before the lesson begins.  If you are asked to turn your camera on, please ensure that no-one else is within the camera shot and as previously mentioned, your background has been blurred or set. 

  7. You will be added to all of your classes ‘Teams’.  Your addition to these teams will be based on your timetable and subject provision. Please do not attempt to join or set-up additional classes.

  8. Where you feel that you have not been added to an appropriate team, contact your usual classroom teacher for this subject via the academy’s email system.

  9. Attendance and class participation will be taken via the Message Chat window where you will be able to ask questions during every lesson. 

  10. Please ensure that your microphones are muted unless instructed otherwise.  When you are addressing the teacher, please remember that respect for all is crucial, with appropriate language, questions, answers and responses being fully expected as per usual and as if you were in a classroom at school.

  11. Use the ‘chat’ or ‘hands up’ facility to ask a question, however, please try not to interrupt a presentation or teacher explanation.  

  12. Please ensure questions are focused on the task and learning in hand.

  13. Please respect the conditions that lessons are being delivered in. If technical difficulties happen, your patience and understanding will be greatly appreciated, however, if you have any ongoing issues or questions about this matter, please email:  

  14. Whilst we do not expect this to be the case, it is important to note that any student who fails to meet these standards and expectations will be issued with a clear reminder. However, any further poor behaviour will potentially lead to their access to future Remote Learning classes being withdrawn.

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