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Year 10 Work Experience

Welcome to the Yr 10 Work placement part of the website. Here is all the information students and parents need to know about how to get a placement and then record a placement onto Unifrog our external provider.  

Please see below a link to a detailed explanation of the Yr 10 work placement process. This is a slightly longer presentation (at around 10 minutes) and is designed as a reference for parents and students to use when working through the Year 10 work experience process from why we offer a placement, logging onto Unifrog our external provider and how to add a placement.   

Please find below a link which can be used to go to the Unifrog sign in page.

Please find a link which will explain from the provider about Unifrog


Please find a link below an additional video from Unifrog about how to log on to the platform.

Please find a video which will help you add a placement on Unifrog 

There are a number of stages in the unifrog process. These are listed below and at what stage they take place.   


Stage 1 is the only stage students need to do. If they have completed the initial form correctly it will turn green and the employer initial form will turn amber. *remember they need to type the correct email address in twice by hand (Don’t cut and paste) and tick the two boxes at the end of the form (the first to agree and the second to finish placement before clicking the green add placement button. 

Please find a downloadable list of last year’s Employers who are happy to take students again this year. 

Potential placement information 2024.xlsx

Please find a template of a letter which can be downloaded and sent off to potential employers via the post or email.  

Plume Academy email template for students 2024.docx


Please find a downloadable flyer which can be sent to the employer when requesting a placement  

PLU05_Work Experience Flyer YR10 2024.pdf

PLU05_Work Experience Flyer YR12 2024.pdf

Please find a list of points students should include when they make first contact with employers 

  • Say hello and introduce yourself. 

  • Inform them what school you are from. 

  • Explain the reason for contacting them (to enquire if there is the possibility they can take you on a placement). 

  • Give them the dates of the work placement at Plume. 

  • Request the following information from them 

    • A contact name at the company 

    • A contact email at the company 

    • The company address (Please check this as you should have it already) 

    • Check the contact number you have is the correct one for the company. 

  • Write this information down. 

  • Inform them that the school uses an external provider called Unifrog to deal assist with the placement administration. 

  • Inform them all forms are completed electronically on the Unifrog platform. 

  • Inform them the contact email will receive an email from Unifrog once you have uploaded their details to the placement tool. 

  • Inform them some companies have firewalls which send the email from Unifrog to spam or junk email folders. Please ask them to check these folders. 

  • Ask them if they would like you to contact them once you have uploaded their details. This way they will know when to expect an email from Unifrog. 

  • Inform them they will need to upload a copy of their employers liability insurance when they fill in the form and it is best to have this document to hand when filling in the form. 

Please find a list of things student need to do if they have not heard from potential employers after 2 weeks.   

  • Check the information you have added especially the email. If it is completed incorrectly you will have to change it. Remember you need to add the email twice and do this manually. Don’t cut and paste.  

  • If all the information is correct, contact the employer again. 

  • Remind them that they should of received an email from Unifrog and that this email might have been placed in junk or trash folders.  

Please find a list of things students need to find out once they have managed to get a work placement and stage 3 has been completed. 

  • Inform parent/carer that you put down in the initial form that they need to review what the employer has put.  

  • If they are happy then they need to agree to the placement.  

What happens next? 

The school will then review the placement and agree to it.    


What do students need to do about 6 to 8 weeks before the placement?  

  • Contact the employer 

  • Check the placement can still go ahead 

  • Confirm start time is still the same as the employer indicated on the form. 

  • Check where they need to be on the 1st day 

  • Check what clothing they need to wear.  

  • Check how long they get for lunch 

  • Check if there is facilities to buy a lunch or students need to supply their lunch.  

  • Check finish time each day.  


Please note that students  

  • should be completing a full time placement (35 hours a week or more)  

  • Students should work normal working hours of the company and not the hours they would be at school for the duration of the placement. This includes the final day of the placement even if the school day finishes earlier.  

Frequently asked questions 


Q: I can’t remember my Unifrog log in? 

A: Type in Unifrog in your search engine. Then click the green writing “rest password / resend welcome email”. Next go to your email and you see an email from Unifrog. You need to click on the link and then type a new password.   


Q: Where is the placement tool? 

A: From the welcome screen scroll down and you will find a number of tiles under the “exploring pathways” banner. The placement tool is the last tile on the righthand side. 


Q: Why is my initial placement form is not turning Green? 

A: Either you have not entered the employers email correctly, you have not checked the “agree” box and/or the “form finished” box. After doing this you need to click the green add placement button. 

Q: My Employer has not filled in his form.  

A: It is good to give your employer 2 weeks to complete their form. After this time I would suggest you contact them again. It could be that their email firewall places the email from Unifrog in their junk or spam folder. Please ask them to check there.   

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