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Year 11 Destinations 2022


As an academy we provide effective careers information, education, advice and guidance (CIEAG), in line with the statutory to encourage our students to make good choices and understand what they need to do to succeed in the careers to which they aspire.

We provide opportunities for a range of education and training providers to speak to our students to inform them about technical education qualifications and apprenticeships, and we also promote and have access to a range of education and training providers to best suit their needs and aspirations. This was particularly evident during National Careers Week (7-12 March 2022) where we hosted a week of virtual talks from a variety of future employer and training providers including but not limited to; STEM ambassadors; Universities; apprenticeship providers; Essex Police; and The Army. We were also pleased to see the return of an in-person careers fair where students had the chance to network with over 50 employers and education providers.

We encourage all our students, at the appropriate time, to book appointments with Directions, our independent, high quality unbiased careers advice and guidance providers. We also, when possible and in line with Covid restrictions provide good quality, meaningful opportunities for our students to encounter the world of work.

To ensure that all Year 11 students are supported with making informed decisions on their post-16 destinations, targeted support is provided in the autumn term of year 11. During this time, a structured tutorial programme is delivered detailing all post-16 options in addition to assemblies being presented about a range of post-16 providers. Student surveys are also used to identify any students that need additional support. Consequently, a significant number of our year 11 cohort received a careers appointment with our independent and impartial careers advisors, Directions.

As a result of the high quality careers education, information, advice and guidance our students have received, 90% of our year 11 cohort opted to stay at a sixth form/ college, with 35% choosing to continue their studies at Plume College. 8% of our year 11 cohort were successful in applying for an apprenticeship or securing employment and 1 student is taking part in an alternative provision programme. 1 student stated they had ‘left country’, and we have one student who is unable to access education or training due to mental health issues. At present, we currently only have two students (0.69%) seeking employment, this figure is significantly below the Essex average (4.6%). These students will continue to have access to advice and guidance at the academy as required. 


Quote from Mr Hallam – Assistant Vice Principal/Leader of CEIAG

We are delighted with the manner in which Year 11 have positively engaged in the CEIAG provided and wish them the best of luck on whichever pathway they have embarked upon. We measure impact by the NEET figures and the low%, lower than the Essex average is a direct indication of the high quality CEIAG our students receive. We continue to review the feedback received and adjust our provision so it best meets the needs of each cohort so that they can confidentially and successfully move onto their intended destination.


Quote from a year 11 student

‘The careers meetings in school have been really useful. Overall, I have found the information shared throughout the year useful in supporting with my next steps after year 11.’


Quote from a parent of a year 11 student

 ‘The information that has been shared has been really informative and supportive, particularly at times when we have been talking with our child about their future aspirations.’

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